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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

10/18 - 10/22/04


Whitney: She's a great friend isn't she?  Her best friend could have lost the twins but she had to go off with Fox. She could have let him go off by himself to go to Ivy. Even though Theresa's family and Gwen and Ethan were there, Whitney still could have stayed. (1 out of 10)

Fox and Ivy's scenes:  We were glad to see them finally interacting with each other. Granted Fox used her to get back in Julian's good graces, but they still spoke to each other.  Ivy looked really happy to help Fox. (7 out 10)

Gwen:  We really liked Gwen's acting when she found out the twins were going to die.  She did a wonderful job. We felt so sorry for her.  She has gone through so much and now she may be losing her chance to be a mother. (10 out of 10)

Theresa:  She finally realized that she shouldn't have used the twins as leverage to get her son back.  We didn't think that she would ever see the light about that. She really surprised us. (10 out of 10)


Julian and Ivy's scenes:  We enjoyed their showdown. Julian and Ivy had a spark that we haven't seen in a while.  We liked how Julian reminded Ivy that she wasn't much of a mother to Fox.  She got so high and mighty about what Julian did to him that she forgot her own misdeeds.  We also enjoyed the acting. Julian and Ivy work well together. ( 10 out of 10)

Theresa/Gwen:  We liked their scenes.  There was a lot of drama concerning the babies.  We enjoyed the acting during the scenes.  It can't get a ten because we didn't approve of Theresa's reason for why she couldn't save one of the babies. (7 out of 10)

Alistair/Katherine:  Those scenes were good until Sheridan got there.  It was good to see a fight in Katherine. Once Sheridan got there, Katherine caved and agreed to let Alistair live.  Katherine also let it slip how she knew so much about Alistair, but of course she was able to cover herself.  It was such a waste. (5 out of 10)

Fox and Whitney's scenes:  We didn't really care for them and that's considering we're Foxney fans. We thought they were a waste.  They didn't really have much of a scene.  We only got to see them reminding us who lives in the Bennett house and Crane mansion.  Whitney also got the green light to go through with her despicable plan. Fox told Whitney that he wanted to have kids and that he loves them. That must have been music to her ears.  She should feel like garbage doing this to Fox.  When she knows he wants to have kids. (1 out of 10)


Gwen:  We felt so sorry for her when she begged Theresa to save one of the babies.  Liza did an excellent job making us feel sorry for her. Way to go, Liza! (10 out of 10)

Pilar:  She is no better than Theresa.  If she's so religious, why did she want Theresa to risk the lives of both babies?  We also didn't like the way she spoke to Gwen when Gwen begged Theresa to save one of the babies.  Pilar should have minded her own business. (1 out of 10)

Sheridan:  She is such a jerk.  Her best friend could lose her babies, yet she had to go see Mrs. Wheeler?  She doesn't even know Mrs. Wheeler, but she had to be there for her. (1 out of 10)


Luis and Theresa:  It was good to see them interact with each other.  They don't usually have scenes together anymore, so it was good to see them working together. (8 out of 10)

Sheridan/Katherine:  Sheridan is starting to sound like a stalker with Katherine. How many times did Katherine have to tell her that there was no connection between them before Sheridan got the message?  Sheridan just wouldn't let it drop.  Katherine should have wondered about Sheridan. (1 out of 10)

Ivy/Whitney:  We liked how Ivy called Whitney on her sudden feelings for Fox.  Whitney must have thought that Ivy wouldn't have noticed it.  Whitney was so obvious that she was using Fox so we're not surprised that she noticed it. (8 out of 10)


The writers:  They really need to do something with Jessica.  All she's ever in it for is for product placement.  They better hope the Mark reps never give up on the show because they would never have a story for Jessica. (1 out of 10)

Theresa:  She had a lot of nerve. When Ethan told her that he wanted to be a father, she had the nerve to say that she could give him a family.  She would rather the babies possibly die since she can give him a family. *Shakes heads* She's a piece of work.  It's too bad she would never know what Gwen is going through.  If she were barren, maybe she wouldn't be so nonchalant about the twins.  We would never wish that on anyone, but Theresa would be sick if she went through the same thing. (1 out of 10)

Fox/Whitney/Ivy:  Those scenes were such a waste.  It was so obvious that the scenes were a fantasy. They wasted the three of them. (1 out of 10)

 Ethan:  He is such a dog. Big surprise he was going to tell Theresa that he would be with her if he didn't marry Gwen.  He didn't have to lead Gwen on if he wanted to be with his precious Theresa. (1 out of 10)

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