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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

9/20 - 9/24/04

Not that this will surprise you, but we changed the section again. Now we will be rating the storyline/characters on a scale of 1 to 10.  The numbers from 1 - 5 will be the losers and 6 - 10 will be the winners.


The Chadney story:  We didn't really enjoy this story that much.  Liz got on our nerves when she was consoling Whitney.  She was so relentless.  Whitney said she didn't want to talk to her, but she wouldn't let up.  Then there was Fox's acting when he was with Chad.  It practically ruined the scene.  Fox was so obvious that he didn't want Chad to accept the Crane name, but Chad didn't see it. He just thought that Fox was being a friend.  Their scenes were a total waste. (3 out of 10)

Shuis/KMart/Alistair: Believe it or not, we didn't have a problem with this story.  Luis showed he had a brain when he knew that Alistair drugged Sheridan to get her to the church.  We thought that he would have came up with a crazy idea for how she got there. Oh, right, we almost forgot the most important thing.  Sheridan was alive.  We were afraid we would have to see Sheridan cheat death. Lucky us.  There was also some movement in this story since Shuis/KMart/Paloma will be going back to Harmony. We are looking forward to seeing what Alistair has in store for KMart. (7 out of 10)

Theresa/Ethan:  Their story had some movement too.  Theresa finally admitted to Ethan that she tricked him into bed.  In true villainess fashion, she turned the tables on Ethan and convinced him that he enjoyed what he was doing.  All Ethan could do was act helpless to what she was doing.  Ethan makes it so easy for Theresa to get the better of him. (7 out of 10)


Beth and Edna:  We never thought that the day would come that we would enjoy Beth being back.  Considering she was scheming to break up Shuis again. We enjoyed Beth and Edna's scenes.  They brought the comic relief back. (7 out of 10)

Sheridan's insecurities: Her insecurities about her relationship with Luis brought down their scenes.  They were happy when they got on the plane.  As soon as Sheridan had her flashbacks of the commitment ceremony, that was all she wrote.  She was insecure again.  If Luis wasn't worried about the legend of the glass, why was she? (3 out of 10)

Theresa/Ethan/Gwen: Talk about convenient timing. Theresa didn't want to get busted for what she did to Ethan so Gwen came up with a way to save her. Gwen conveniently remembered how her sorority sisters tricked Ethan by pretending to be her.  They even went the extra mile by wearing Gwen's perfume.  Lucky for Theresa, Ethan knew which one was Gwen.  That way Ethan would look bad for not knowing that he was Theresa. To make matters worse, Gwen didn't even wonder why Theresa was pumping about what happened with her sorority sisters.  Gwen just kept going on and on about it.  Theresa got her way again when Gwen said that Ethan would know that he was cheating on her.  Theresa would have been sick if Ethan said how he was drunk. These scenes were a complete waste. (2 out of 10)

Chad and Alistair: The unthinkable happened. Chad actually acted well with drama.  When he was yelling at Alistair about putting his story in the tabloids, we were impressed by him.  He performed well against Alistair.  That made the scenes that much better. (8 out of 10)


Gwen: She was on the money today.  She one-upped Theresa when she told her that she wanted to wait to talk to little Ethan.  Theresa just knew she had Gwen where she wanted her and we're glad that she didn't.  She played the game with Theresa and she won.  Theresa wants to use the twins as a bargaining chip so she got a taste of her own medicine when Gwen wanted to do the same thing.  Gwen also wanted to make sure she wasn't double crossed by Theresa. Welcome back, Gwen. We missed you. (10 out of 10)

KMart:  We were so tired of them. Once again they blamed Alistair for why they had to leave Harmony.  We didn't feel like hearing them play the blame game with Alistair. No one told them to desert their families.  Funny, we always find ourselves blaming them for why their children were at harm's risk. Maybe that's just us. (1 out of 10).

Paloma's fantasies: Those scenes were a waste. We know that the reunion will not happen that way so why did we have to see the fantasies? (1 out of 10)

Evian/Alistair:  Those scenes were good.  Alistair showed how evil he was when he didn't care about ruining the Crane name. He also put Eve in her place for why her life is messed up.  We thought he was right.  We may be sadistic, but for some reason, it's becoming easier and easier to root for Alistair.  There's an indication of how bad the good people of Harmony must be if we want to root for Alistair. (8 out of 10)


Paloma: This girls is so gullible.  Alistair was right about how easily manipulated she is.  Alistair played her like lotto and won.  He was able to convince her that her family didn't want her around. Now her family told her how much they love and miss her, but she was willing to believe a stranger. Maybe she wants to believe the worst in her family that way she would have an excuse to hate them. Just a theory. (2 out of 10)

Chad: We are getting tired of the way he's treating Evian.  We know they play a part in what happened between him and Whitney, but Chadney are more to blame.  He was so rude to Evian when they were only trying to reach out to him. He wasn't even willing to try and get along with them. (2 out of 10)


Chad:  This guy was really delusional.  He had himself convinced that he and Whitney could have a relationship.  Hello, Chad Whitney is your sister.  Why do you think you can get past it?  Does he have a problem? (1 out of 10)

Whitney:  She made a big production about people telling the truth, but when she's in a position where she has to tell the truth, she doesn't do it.  Chad flat out asked her if there was something she was keeping from her, but she didn't answer him.  It was two little words and she couldn't tell him. By the way, the two little words are "I'm pregnant" in case you didn't know. (1 out of 10)

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