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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

9/13 - 9/17/04



Theresa and Whitney's scenes:  We enjoyed their scenes. It was good to see Theresa comfort Whitney.  Theresa tried to keep Whitney calm considering what Whitney's going through.  Theresa acted accordingly.  She didn't overact or make it her moment.

Ivy: Ivy knew to assume that Theresa drugged Ethan when she slept with him.  She didn't really have a nerve to talk after all of the things she has done to get Sam, but she was wise to Theresa.  Leave it to Ethan to make excuses for Theresa, but Ivy knew differently.  Ivy was on to her.  Do you remember what we said about Rebecca last week?  Thank goodness for Ivy.  If it were up to Gwen and Ethan, Theresa would get away with murder.


The Mother Goose story: Good grief? Were the writers so hard up for a babysitter for Endora and Maria that they had to get Mother Goose?  We weren't sure that we were going to have anything to put in this section, but this story was the big loser. Talk about unbelievable.



Shuis's wedding:  This was the best thing that has happened today.  We thought it was beautiful.  It was good to see the flashbacks of when they met.  That was a great stroll down memory lane. We thought their vows were wonderful.  It can't be stressed enough how happy we were to see them get married.

Ivy getting into Theresa:  Ivy didn't back down to Theresa.  Big surprise Theresa lied about drugging Ethan when Ivy confronted her.  Theresa even had her doe-eyed innocent look, but Ivy didn't believe her.  We can't wait to see what Ivy has in store for Theresa.


Theresa: We had to pick her because of what she said about Whitney.  Girlfriend thought that it wasn't that bad that Whitney slept with her brother.  Little do you know Theresa, it is a bad thing. 


For the first time since we changed this column, we don't have a loser story/character to write about.  Who knew that could happen? LOL!


The Russell house:  These were one of the best scenes. Eve was definitely under a microscope when they confronted her about Chad being her son. TC, Whitney, and Chad brought up good points.  They mentioned how Eve could have told everyone that she had a son with Julian somewhere.  We know they would have reacted the same way they did when they found out about her past, but you never know. They might have understood it.

The Russells definitely reacted accordingly considering what they have been through. Eve should have known they would have been upset.

The Shuis celebration:  We liked seeing the celebration Shuis had.  Everyone looked as if they were having a good time at the celebration.  Well KMart could have had a better time if they weren't reminding us how it wasn't their fault that they deserted their families.  Actually, the scenes would have been better if they weren't talking about that.  Even despite KMart, we enjoyed the scenes.  It was good to see Paloma getting along with her family.  We have never seen her so happy.  That was a nice change.



Gwen:  We thought that Gwen was very nice to let Pilar stay at the mansion.  She could have refused to let her stay but she didn't.  Once again she proved that she's not as bad as some people think she is.

The Russell story:  As we told you before, we love to see drama and once again, the Russell story didn't disappoint.  TC really went off on Eve and Julian today.  This story brought out the best in TC's acting, unlike others we might mention. *cough*cough*Chad.


Theresa:  She is so hateful lately.  Gwen was nice enough to let Pilar stay in the mansion yet Theresa still didn't want to give Gwen the babies.  This woman should feel like a heel every time Gwen does something nice for her.  Oh right, this is Theresa we're talking about.  Never mind, she would have to have a conscience to feel guilty.

Liz:  Having her back was the worst part of the Russell story.  We wanted to slap her every time she had that stupid Cheshire cat grin on her face when TC ripped into Eve.  If that wasn't enough, Liz had to chime in and mention how Alistair bribed Eve to forget about her baby.  We know a true villainess is supposed to have no conscience, but this woman is despicable.

Eve: What is it going to take for this woman to slap Whitney?  Whitney doesn't have the right to keep hitting her yet she's letting her.  We wouldn't be surprised if Whitney punches her out.  All Eve will do is stand there and grab her face.


It was hard to find a winner for today.  The episode was okay, but nothing really stood out as a winner.  Well one thing did, but we know it won't last.  Guess we better enjoy it while it does.


Ethan confronted Theresa:  Ethan confronted Theresa about tricking him to have sex with her.  He's still convinced that she tricked him into bed.  It's surprising how he hasn't convinced himself that he's wrong.  Well, he hasn't done it yet.  We're pretty sure by next week Theresa will change his mind.


Julian:  He had a lot of nerve asking Fox to talk Chad into accepting the Crane name.  He doesn't want to have anything to do with his other children, but he will do anything for Chad.  That should have made Fox feel great.  If we were Fox, we wouldn't help Julian either.

Chad:  He had another opportunity to shine as an actor, but he blew it again.  He couldn't even talk to himself about what happened without ruining the scene.  Chad needs to learn how to emote.  His lack of emotion is taking away from the scene.

Theresa:  You shouldn't be that surprised that she's here again.  She's still obsessed with keeping the twins away from Gwen.  She sees how excited Gwen is about the twins, yet she still wants to keep them from her.  We hope Gwen manages to keep all three children.  Theresa acts as if she won't have a fight on her hands.  We're looking forward to seeing Gwen's revenge on Theresa.  Do you want to know something?  Before Priscilla starting playing Theresa, we used to be two-sided about Theresa and Gwen.  Now we can clearly side with Gwen.  Maybe that will change when Lindsay comes back to the role.

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