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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

9/6 - 9/10/04

We're going to try something different. We're going to write about the winning/losing stories or characters by day instead of by week.  We know what you're probably thinking. You're probably thinking that we're always changing something. Well that's true. We change it because we don't like keeping everything the same.  Maybe JER should take the tip. LOL!



Rebecca: Many of you may not agree, but we picked Rebecca as a winner.  She was able to figure out what happened based on little evidence.  Gwen wasn't willing to believe it, but Rebecca had Theresa's number.  She knew that Theresa slept with Ethan to get her twins.

Ethan: For now (as in this day), he stood his ground to Theresa when she came up with an excuse for why Ethan remembered sleeping with Theresa.  She said he was only fantasizing about her.  Which was why he pictured sleeping with her. Now wonder Ethan didn't buy that.

Ethan/Theresa/Gwen story: It was pretty good today. Gwen realized that Theresa could have slept with Ethan.  Ethan also figured out what Theresa did to him. He even told her that she took advantage of him. We know Ethan won't last so we put this story as a winner while it lasted.


Paloma: We were ready to throw something at this girl.  She had her chance to get away from Nick, but she chose to do anything right away.  She had the use of her legs, but she didn't hit him.  She did eventually hit him with a rock, but she chose to scream at him first before she ran away.  Then when she gets away, she took too long to try and save Luis from the rocks.  Needless to say Nick was going to find her.

Whitney:  This girl is so slap happy.  Every time Fox tries to talk to her, she always slaps him.  He was honest with him and she still slapped him.  What made it so bad, she hit Fox for telling her Chad's her brother when she thought that he was her brother too not too long ago.

Sheridan/KMart: We are so tired of pit stories.  We didn't care for seeing Sheridan and KMart in the snakepit.  We already endured a story like this where Sheridan was in Beth's basement.  Why do we have to see this story again?  Wait, JER.  Don't tell us you're doing a carbon copy of that story?  You wouldn't do something like that right? LOL! 



Paloma:  We picked her for a winner for two reasons.  The first was because she finally figured out a way to fight off Nick.  She scratched him and then ran him into the bricks at the temple.  The second reason is because she finally found Luis.  It seemed as if no one else was going to find him and she finally did.

Theresa and Gwen: Their fight was pretty interesting.  They were arguing over the fact that Theresa had sex with someone in order to get pregnant. Neither one of them backed down to the other.  It was great. Of course Ethan had to ruin things by defending Theresa, but that's a different story.


Chad/Eve/Julian scenes:  These scenes didn't really hold our attention.  All Julian kept doing was making excuses for why Chadney shouldn't get married.  It was like watching Monday's episode again.  We couldn't even begin to tell you how much Julian kept repeating why he thought Chadney shouldn't get married.  We also couldn't tell you how many times Chad and Eve kept asking him why Chadney shouldn't get married.  We just knew that it was a lot.

Sheridan/KMart:  Once again those scenes were boring.  We could care less about the story.  If that wasn't bad enough, Sheridan proved how weak she is.  She couldn't even get a snake off of her back.  Of course she also had to get bit by the snake so her life was in danger again.  Haven't we seen that before?  Maybe it just slipped our minds.



Chad's parents revealed:  That story was interesting today.  It was good to see Whitney finally put the pieces together and realize how Chad is her brother.  Julian also revealed to Eve how Chad is her son.  Of course Eve and Chad had the same reactions about him being her son.  They were happy at first until they realized that it was bad news.  They really are mother and son.

Shuis reunited:  We know it didn't happen right away, but we loved it.  Actually it happened at the end of the episode , but it was one of the best moments.  


Chad:  This man really needs a picture drawn for him in order to get something.  When Fox was trying to tell him who his parents are, Chad couldn't get it.  Fox even told him how Julian and Alistair were talking about his parents and he couldn't get it.  Then when Fox told him who his parents were, he got excited that he was Fox's brother. He didn't even realize right away what that meant for him and Whitney.  Are the writers sure he's not TC's son? LOL!

Martin:  He's such a sucker. Alistair could have screwed him over with antidote and he wouldn't have known it.  What if Alistair gave him water instead?  Why didn't Martin kill Alistair and then take the antidote?  That way he could have gotten the antidote and he would have killed Alistair.  He was as bad as Luis when Luis had Alistair's cds.



Rebecca:  We liked Rebecca's scenes again.  She definitely provided the comic relief when she talked about her shopping spree and Theresa.  She was a breath of fresh air in the E/T/G story.

Evian/Charity: Their scenes were good again.  Even though Chad's acting was over the top, the scenes were good. Evian definitely took Chad's ranting well.  They didn't flip out the way he did.


Ethan:  If he kept standing up to Theresa, we would have picked him as a winner, but he didn't.  He had to listen to Theresa and continue to lie to Gwen.  We don't see why he was giving Theresa the third degree about what she did to him if he wasn't going to do anything about it.  He could have left her alone.

Theresa:  We picked her because she had no problem keeping the twins from Gwen.  She knows how much the babies mean to Gwen, but she doesn't care.  They don't mean anything to her so she should just let Gwen have them.  If she cared about them, she wouldn't have considered using them as leverage.



Whitney:  As we mentioned in the Raves sections, we enjoyed Whitney's performance.  She brought the emotion that was needed for the scene.  She made the scene worth watching.  When Chad had his reaction, it was laughable.  Whitney's was perfect.  We most likely would have reacted the same way.  The only thing we didn't approve of was her blaming Eve for everything, but that's a different story.


Luis:  Can you believe what he did?  He kept Sheridan from finding out the truth.  Katherine was attempting to tell Sheridan who she is, but Luis had to interrupt. Katherine practically confessed to Sheridan that she is her mother.  The woman said that what Sheridan heard was not far-fetched.  In case you forgot what she heard, Sheridan heard Katherine say how she's her mother.  Katherine said it wasn't far-fetched yet Luis said that Sheridan imagined it. Of course Sheridan believed it.

Theresa: You shouldn't be too surprised that she made it again as a loser.  She's proving how hateful she really is.  She knows how much Gwen wants to have a baby, yet her hateful behind doesn't care.  All she cares about is getting revenge.  We could see if Gwen refused to give little Ethan back to her.  Then we could understand her wanting to get revenge.  Since she's giving him back, it doesn't make sense.

Our other problem with her was what she's doing to Pilar.  She knows what she's doing is stressing Pilar out yet she's still doing the opposite of what Pilar wants.  Theresa makes a big deal over what Gwen and Rebecca did to cause Pilar's illness, yet she forgets how she's the one that made her take a turn for the worst.  What else is new?  Theresa only cares about himself.

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