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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

8/9 - 8/13/04


Evian's son revealed

It's about time the truth about Evian's son was revealed.  We have been waiting for years to find out and we finally did.  Well, we think we know.  Alistair could have easily lied about Chad being Evian's son.  Since we don't know for a fact he's lying, we'll just assume he's telling the truth.  There was some actual movement in that story so that made the reveal even better.  We can't wait to see the outcome of this story.  The reveal was the perfect way to knock Whitney off of her high horse.  She has been so hypocritical towards Eve so we can't wait to see her reaction to this.

TC finally knows the truth

TC finally knows all of Eve's secrets that affect him.  What's good about the story is how Eve has nothing to hide from him.  Eve's secrets coming out definitely added something to the story.  Now the Russells and Liz's scenes are better than ever.  You get to see a lot of drama come out.  What's even better, we don't have to keep hearing Liz tell Eve that she's going to get her revenge on her.



We are sick of the way the writers are writing this story.  Why are they constantly giving Gwen the short end of the stick?  Why does Theresa get everything?  She schemes hand over fist, yet she still comes out smelling like a rose.  Gwen was willing to let Theresa get her son back if she gives her the baby.  She agreed to let Theresa stay in the mansion so she could be close to her son.  She was even willing to help Theresa when she was in pain.  How does Theresa repay her?  She tries to keep the babies from Gwen.  Then there's what she told Pilar about not being punished when Pilar told her she could have been in pain because of God giving her a sign, she thought that she wasn't being punished because she has to get her son back or something like that.  Let's get something straight.  It was God's will that made Gwen lose her baby, but it wasn't God's will that could have made her lose hers?  With stupid writing like that, it's no wonder we are frustrated with this story.  We hope that Theresa's plan blows up in her face.  She would deserve it if it does.

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