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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

8/2 - 8/6/04

This week was not too good for the Winners section.  Once again it was hard to find a winning storyline so we'll stick with what was a previous winner.  Needless to say, it wasn't that hard to come up with the losers section.  Don't worry.  We won't keep you waiting. LOL!


The Russell story:

This story had the most drama this week.  There was a lot of emotion coming from TC and the girls.  Even Simone got to stay in the scene.  We know how the writers like to take her out of the pivotal scenes.  Despite how cruel TC and the girls were being to Eve, the scenes kept our interest.  We also enjoyed Irma's comic relief.  She was a great addition to the show.


Shuis/Kmart story

This story is a waste.  Shuis running into their parents was useless since they don't know who Kmart are.  The only thing that's happening in this story is Katherine almost spilling the beans that she knows something about Harmony.  Naturally she's able to cover herself since Sheridan is so gullible.  Whenever she slipped up about Harmony, she said that she saw a documentary about it.  Now come on.  The Cranes and Winthrops might have been on the documentary, but the Bennetts most likely wouldn't have been.  They were not rich or famous so why would they be on a documentary?  Oh right, there was something else that happened.  Kmart had fantasies of telling Shuis the truth about who they are.  It was so obvious that they weren't happening.  The writers must have thought they got us good when they had Luis react the way he did in Martin's fantasy on Thursday.  Luis even got mad at Martin for deserting the family.  Sorry, writers.  We didn't fall for it.

Theresa/Gwen/Ethan story

We are getting sick of this story.  We are tired of the way the writers have Theresa justify the schemes she does.  No she wants to deprive Gwen and Ethan of the chance to have a baby because she wants revenge on Gwen and Rebecca.  What was the sense of raping him if she was going to keep the baby?  Let's get back to the revenge part of Theresa's plan.  Now Theresa's main goal was to get revenge because Gwen and Rebecca took her son away from her.  Now Gwen has agreed to give her back her son for the baby.  Why can't Theresa keep her word?  She's getting what she wants, but she has to scheme anyway.  We don't care how many times Theresa says Gwen and Rebecca took everything from the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.  All she cared about was her son being taken away from her.  The writers obviously love making Gwen suffer in this story.  Gwen caved in to give Theresa what she wants and Theresa is going to stab her in the back.  Only Theresa can scheme and scheme and come out smelling like a rose.

We know that many of  Theresa's fans enjoy what she's doing to Gwen.  Theresa's die-hard fans probably think that Theresa should stab Gwen in the back because she took little Ethan away from Theresa.  We read quite a few posts on message boards where people thought that Gwen was a monster for taking a child away from their mother.  We totally agree with that, but let's flip the script.  Is it okay for a woman to deprive a father from their child?  Theresa plans on doing that to Ethan when she keeps the baby.  She also plans on skipping town with both children.  She didn't give Ethan's feelings a second thought.  All she cares about is herself.

Here's another problem we had with Theresa this week. She planned on leaving town when she was only out of jail because of bail. (Hey, that rhymed LOL!) The kidnapping charges were never dropped against her so wouldn't she be jumping bail?  Fox would have blown his inheritance on her for nothing.

You can read more about our thoughts of what Ethan did in the Opinions/Rants section. 

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