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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

7/12 - 7/16/04

As you know, this week was pretty much the same as last week.  Nothing really happened with the stories so you can imagine what we went through just to come up with a winning storyline this week.  Well there was a bright spot this week and that's what we picked to be the winner.  The losing storylines will be similar to last week, but there will be additions to them.  Without further or do, let's get started.


Fox and Whitney: 

Fox finally confessed to his feelings for Whitney.  He actually told her how he loves her.  It wasn't just another fantasy.  He actually said it.  He even went the extra mile and told her how much he loves her and how hard it was for him to love her since she's with Chad.  Unfortunately, Whitney had to ruin a perfectly good moment by acting the way she did towards him.  You can read more about that in the loser section.



This story got picked again for the second time because once again the story was a waste.  All this week Liz kept saying how Eve was going to go down, but nothing happened.  Eve had to go to the hospital and Liz wanted to wait until Eve got back to bust her.  What was getting on our nerves the most was Liz saying how Eve was going to lose everything we were also tired of Eve saying how her life would be over.  This is why it would be great if Eve's past were to come out.  We wouldn't have to keep enduring Liz and Eve saying those things.

Another problem we had with this story was Eve's selfish side coming out again.  She was so worried about her past coming out that she wasn't concerned about her friend and patient.  The Lopez-Fitzgeralds have a lawsuit against Eve if Pilar does.

Sheridan and Luis:

We were so sick of Sheridan this week.  We waited three years to see them reunite and when they do, Sheridan has to ruin it with her insecurities.  She had to keep playing the blame game with herself for everything that's gone wrong with her mother and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.  She was starting to sound like Charity.  Anyway, Luis had to sound like a broken record, which is saying a lot for Passions, when he tried to tell her that she doesn't bring him bad luck.  Then she let Alistair talk her into leaving Luis.  If this is what we waited three years to see, the writers could have kept them apart.

Fox and Whitney:

We picked this story as a loser too because of Whitney's reaction to Fox confessing his feelings for her.  It was as if she was a different person.  One minute she was calm and the next she was raving mad.  You would have thought that he said he hated her.  She kept slapping him when he told her how he felt about her.  She should be glad that he's not exactly like his family because he could have slapped her back the way Alistair did with Katherine when she hit him.

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