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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

7/5 - 7/9/04

We decided to do something different with the winners and losers.  Now we will be writing about the stories that we thought were winners and losers.  We hope you like it.


Whitney/Fox story

We really enjoyed this story this week.  It was the only story this week that showed any movement.  Whitney finally knows accepts how Fox is in love with her.  Fox also knows that Whitney is on to how he feels about her.  Every other story was at a standstill so it was good to see at least one story move.  Needless to say, this was the only winning storyline this week.


Julian finding his son

That story was such a waste.  It was so obvious that the detective was going to die when he did.  That must be why he took so long to tell Julian the name of his son.  Just to make it more frustrating, the detective had to get hit while he was in the middle of telling Julian who his son is.  We don't understand why the writers gave it such a buildup when nothing was going to happen.  Hey writers instead of giving the reveal such a buildup, the detective could have spit out the name.  It wouldn't have taken more than 5 minutes to say his name.  It wasn't as if Julian demanded to know a lot of information.  He just wanted to know a name.

Eve/Liz/TC/Julian story

This was another waste of a story.  Liz spent the entire week grandstanding about Eve getting busted, yet nothing happened.  Eve also kept going on and on about her life being over, yet she was saved once again by Julian.  Of course she was ungrateful about Julian saving her.  After she bored the audience by mentioning everything she was going to lose and how hard she worked to put the past behind her, Julian made the mistake of saying he would be there for her and that was all she wrote.  Eve practically went upside his head.  As usual, she apologized to him, but she still went off on him for nothing.

Despite all of the things that were wrong with this story, there were two things that made it worse: TC's hearing problem and Liz's easy solution.  There was no way TC shouldn't have heard what Liz, Irma, and Eve were talking about in the living room, especially if Julian was able to hear them from outside.  Liz had a solution to Eve getting busted.  She could have dragged TC out of the kitchen and let him see Irma.  She also could have told him that she found Irma.  He would have most likely stopped what he was doing to talk to her.  Maybe she subconsciously didn't want Eve to get busted.

Charity/Miguel/Kay story

This was the worst story this week and it was only shown for two days.  We were tired of hearing Kay blame Charity for why her life is so screwed up.  Maybe we would feel sorry for Kay if Deanna was playing her.  Now that Heidi is playing Kay, it's getting harder and harder for us to root for her.  We know she must have been bad if we found ourselves rooting for Charity at a point.  Speaking of Charity, we were sick of her whining and blaming herself for all of the bad things that have happened.  We were ready to jump through the TV and agree with her.  It was also sickening watching Miguel chase after Charity like a lost puppy.  He needs to get some pride.  If the woman doesn't want to be with him, why can't he leave her alone?

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