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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

4/28 - 5/2/03


Fox:  He was willing to lie for Eve and Julian.  He probably knew what TC would have done to Julian if he knew he was the one talking to Eve outside of the Blue Note.

Theresa:  She realized that she should be there for Whitney.  She said that Whitney was there for her so she wanted to do the same for Whitney.

Liz:  Liz told Eve that she was going to push Whitney into Chad's arms.  She also tried to talk Eve into letting Whitney be a singer.  The biggest shock was that she was actually sympathetic to Eve when she was talking about losing her money.

Julian:  Julian actually stood up to Alistair.  We were so glad that he did that.  He didn't let Alistair talk about Eve.  He also asked him about his baby with Eve.  Once again he was sympathetic to Eve about her problems.  He was also determined to find their son if Eve wanted him to find him.

Gwen:  She was trying to get Sheridan to be with Luis despite Beth's pregnancy.  She was skeptical of Beth having Luis's baby.  When Sheridan was ready to break up with Luis, she tried to talk her out of it.

Sam:  Sam told Ivy that she had to leave the house.  He told her that she could go back to the Crane mansion.  He stood his ground and didn't let Ivy change his mind.  He also yelled at Kay for calling Grace a b----.  He told her to apologize to Grace.

Grace:  Grace told David that she wanted him to sign the annulment papers.  She still wanted to make her marriage work.


Luis:  He was willing to believe Beth is carrying his baby.  He didn't even question why she didn't tell him.  He just accepted her excuse.

Antonio:  He didn't notice that Sheridan didn't appear to be happy about Beth's pregnancy.  He also didn't notice that Luis wasn't happy about the news either.

Sheridan:  She waned to break up with Luis when she found out Beth is pregnant.  She forgot that Luis was willing to stay with her if she is having Antonio's baby.  She can't wait to break Luis's heart, but she can't bear to hurt Antonio.  She seemed to have no problem telling Luis that she didn't love him and she didn't want to be with him.

Grace:  Once again she allowed Kay to speak to her the way that she does.  She just stands there as if Kay never does anything wrong.

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