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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

The winners and losers for the  week of 4/7 - 4/11/03


TC.    This is a real surprise.  He is actually a winner this week because he showed concern for Eve.  He was worried about her when he thought that she was in a car accident.  He is also a winner because he yelled at Liz when she was asking about the shed.  He doesn't just yell at his family.  He apologized to Eve for telling her that she wasn't there for their daughters.  He doesn't usually apologize to her when they fight so it was a nice change.

Charlie.    She is a winner this week because she was going to call the police on Beth.  Someone finally found out about her plan to kill Sheridan.

Julian.   Once again, he is a winner.  He listened to Eve and he wanted to help her.  He loves her and he wants to see her happy even if it's not with him.  Julian also tried to fight TC back.  It didn't last long, but he still tried.  He even lied for Eve to keep TC from finding out about their past.  Julian even tried to buy Liz to keep her from exposing Eve's past.


TC:   He is also a loser again because he was willing to tell Liz what was in his shed.  He still hasn't told Eve or his daughters, but he can tell her.  He also said that he trusts her more than anybody outside of his family.  Guess he forgot about Sam.  He also fought Julian for no reason.  He should have been grateful that he was there for her.

Charlie:    She is a loser because she never called the on Beth.  She doesn't even know her and she is willing to commit murder with her.

Mrs. Wallace:    She's a loser because she had to keep insulting Beth.  If she didn't insult her in front of Charlie, she might have called the police on Beth.

Antonio:    He is a loser because he keeps bossing Sheridan around.  He is also becoming too obsessed with protecting Sheridan.  He was the one who told her that she imagined the killer coming after her and now he has to be by her side all of the time.  He is also a loser because he couldn't tell that Sheridan and Luis were too worried about each other.  He should have known that they love each other.

Sheridan:   She is a loser again because she still doesn't want to tell Antonio the truth.  She seems more worried about Antonio. She doesn't care that she's hurting Luis.  She also keeps letting Antonio boss her around.  She never lets Luis do that to her but she lets Antonio do it.

That's all for this week.

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