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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

The Best and Worst of 2003

Since it's the official last week of 2003, we decided to do a Best and Worst of 2003.  We hope you all like it.


Gwen: Her acting has really improved since she's come back to the role.  Her miscarriage really brought out the best in her acting ability.

Julian:  Ben Masters proved that he can play a good or bad character.  He makes Julian multi-dimensional.

Gwen's miscarriage:  We loved that story.  It really brought out the best in Gwen.  We felt sorry for her when she lost Sarah.  Despite the fights she had with Theresa, she handled herself like a lady.  She reacted the way most people would have.  She also didn't go crazy like Sheridan.  Another good thing about this story is it made us two-sided.  We kept bouncing back and forth over who was to blame for the miscarriage.  It was also one of the stories that showed movement.

Tabitha's pregnancy:  She was the only one to have a healthy baby.  Of course her baby is half-human, but she still survived.

Simone learns the truth:  It was about time Simone found out about Chad and Whitney.  She was kept in the dark for far too long.  This also gave Simone a story independent from Kay's story.

Gwen's miscarriage:  This story was the best tearjerker.  It was really sad.  We practically felt Gwen's pain when she broke down and cried over Sarah's death.

Alistair is Charlie:  This had to be the most shocking moment in Passions history.  It was not foreshadowed at all that he was really Charlie.  The writers were very good to keep that spoiler under wraps.

Ivy walking:  This was a long time coming.  It seemed as if Ivy was going to be in her wheelchair forever.  It's not realistic because we all know that unfortunately, other people who are confined to a wheelchair will not be that successful in walking that fast, but since Ivy can walk in real-life, it was good to see her walking again.

Eve and Julian:  They are the best non-couple on the show. They got the chance to get closer this year.  They even had some stolen moments with each other.  Eve really brought out the best in Julian this year.  He is always there to listen to Eve's problems.  He also sacrificed himself to protect her.  He even risked his life to save her from falling out of a plane.  That's more than we can say about TC lately.

Gwen's fight with Theresa:  We loved when Gwen kicked Theresa's butt in the hospital.  Even though the fight was one-sided, it was still worth watching. 


Jessica:  She is the worst actress on the show in our opinion.  We know she just got on the sow a little while ago, but this girl can't act.  We hope in 2004, she gets better.  It's possible because we didn't really like the way Gwen acted when she first got on the show, and look at her now.

John:  Talk about needing acting lessons.  He could definitely benefit from acting lessons.  In most (if not all) of his scenes, people run circles around him.

Jessica:  She is the worst recast on the show. 

Sheridan's kidnapping:  This story was so insufferable.  It has to be the worst storyline in our opinion.  It lasted way too long in our opinion.  All of the near-misses were annoying.  Sheridan could have been saved countless times by Luis as well as herself. When we think of how many times Luis was in Beth's house and didn't see Sheridan, it was enough to make us scream.  Then there was Sheridan.  Every time she tried to save herself, she kept passing out.  There were two things that disturbed us most about this story.  The first was Sheridan being attacked while she was pregnant. The second was it brought out the stupidity in Luis.

Beth:  She had to have to worst pregnancy on the show.  She was carrying a bad of sugar and no one (besides Gwen) noticed that she was faking her pregnancy.  Her sack of sugar ripped at the doctor's office and no one figured out what she was doing.

Chad has a wife:  This had to be the worst reveal on Passions.  This was out of character for Chad.  He was someone who believed in honesty (well he used to), so for him not to tell Whitney about LaToya didn't make sense.  He also acted as if it was no big deal that he was married to her.  He treated LaToya as if she meant nothing to him.

Sheridan and Luis's useless connection:  Their so-called connection to each other didn't help Luis find Sheridan any faster.  He was in the same house where Sheridan was kidnapped and he didn't feel it.

The real Dr. Culver's addition to the Shuis story:  His addition to the story was pointless because he didn't do anything to push the story. He was supposed to prove that Beth wasn't pregnant, but he didn't. She was worried for nothing as usual.

David's illness:  This was such an obvious plot device because there was no mention of his illness before he and Grace went away together.  This was just a way for Sam to catch them together.  It didn't make sense that Grace didn't call a doctor to help David when he was cold.  She took it upon herself to take her clothes off to give body heat.  Of course Sam was going to catch like that.

The "Hot" LA story:  This story was a huge disappointment. The writers made a big deal about this story, but in our opinion, it was lackluster.  It started out okay because it was a break away from the Shuis/Beth/Antonio story, but it ended up being a waste.  It was supposed to be a way to start a triangle between Whitney/Chad/Fox, but it ended up being about Theresa/Ethan/Gwen.  Chad and Whitney's story was so forced with the introduction of Puff Dog and LaToya.  They only thing to come out of it was Chad and Whitney breaking up.

Antonio learns the truth:  We were so excited about him learning the truth, but it was such a letdown.  We wanted Sheridan or Luis to actually tell Antonio the truth.  We don't like how he had to overhear it.  Also, Sheridan and Luis didn't reunite after Antonio learned the truth.

Alistair being Charlie:  Even though this is listed under the Best of 2003, it was the most preposterous story.  It has too many plot holes.  First, Alistair's body completely changed while he was Charlie.  Second, if Alistair was Charlie, why was he willing to give the baby back to Sheridan when he thought Beth betrayed him? Third, why did he fantasize about being with Beth dressed as Charlie?  Fourth, why was he worried about Charlie getting busted when all he had to do was take the mask off?

Luis and Miguel being fathers:  Besides Alistair, they are the worst fathers in Harmony.  They barely acknowledged their children unless they were sick.  They were both more concerned about Sheridan and Charity respectively.

Grace choosing David:  This was the worst choice.  She was willing to abandon the man that she's been with for over 20 years for a man that she barely knows.  This is the same woman who practically begged Sam to make their marriage work when he saw her with David. 

TC:  His character was assassinated this year.  He kept picking numerous fights with Eve, Chad, and Julian.  You would never know that he loved Eve from the way he treated her.  He was constantly blaming her when Whitney went to LA.  He has also been falling for Liz's plans to seduce him.

Edna:  She was the most useless character.  She had plenty of opportunities to sell Beth out and tell the truth, but she didn't.  She lectured Beth about telling the truth. She should have known that wasn't going to do any good.  It doesn't do any good for her to know the truth if she's not going to say anything.

Sheridan turning crazy:  She is definitely the victim of the year.  Something's always happening.  Now everyone is convinced that she is crazy. The ironic thing is, she's telling the truth about "Beth" and Luis's baby.  He really is her baby. 

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