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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

7/7 - 7/11/03


Ivy: She reminded Grace that Gwen is having Sam's grandchild.  Grace acted as if Kay was the only one having Sam's grandchild.

Luis: He was still convinced that something happened to Sheridan.  Everyone else was willing to give up on Sheridan but he wasn't.  He wanted to go to Paris to look for Sheridan.  He also resumed the search for Sheridan.

Julian: He was willing to help Eve again.  He took the blame for the club burning down.  He risked going to jail just to protect Eve.

Grace: She actually cared about Kay for once.  When Kay's water broke, Grace actually helped her.  For once Charity's name didn't come out of her mouth.  Too bad she doesn't do this often.

Pilar: She told Miguel to be there for Kay.  It's about time that someone other than Charity told him to be there for his baby.


Simone: She doesn't know the first thing about being a friend.  She couldn't wait to tell Kay that she will never get Miguel.  Kay didn't do that to her when she was obsessing over Chad.  Guess we know who the better friend is.  She also wasn't willing to make things right with Whitney.  She could have made up with her.  If she's that mad at Whitney, why was she being a baby about Eve giving Whitney her blessing to go to LA?

Miguel: He was such a jerk to Kay.  He didn't have to say that he didn't know why Charity would throw the baby shower for her.  He acts as if Kay isn't carrying his baby.  Maybe, just maybe Charity was throwing the shower for both of them.  He is just like Simone.  He is no friend to Kay.  Also, he only thought about Charity when Kay could have lost the baby.  He was more concerned about where Charity was than losing his baby.  When he was at the hospital, he acted as if he needed Charity's permission to be with Kay.  He also chose to walk with Charity instead of being there for Kay.

Jessica: She didn't have to give Kay a bikini as a present.  We know she blames Kay for her breakup with Reese, but that was mean.  If she was really mad at Kay, why would she bother going to the baby shower?  She could have stayed home.

Grace: She barely spoke to Kay before she felt that she had to rush and comfort Charity.  Charity was having the same pointless premonitions yet Grace had to make sure she was okay.  Grace didn't care that Kay might have needed her.  Grace proves that all she cares about is Charity.  

TC: He couldn't wait to blame Chad for what happened to Whitney.  He should have been glad that she was still alive.  He also couldn't wait to start fighting Chad again.  This man needs some psychiatric help.  He also chose to yell at Eve because she gave Whitney her blessing to go to LA.  He felt that she didn't love him just because she wanted Whitney to go to LA.  You would think that he would do the same thing since he came close to losing her.

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