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Passions Winners & Losers

Winners & Losers by Michele and Cheryl

6/16 - 6/20/03


Luis: He was still convinced that Sheridan was kidnapped despite how Antonio and Hank were telling him otherwise.  He did not stop searching for Sheridan.  Thank goodness he's not willing to cave in and believe that Sheridan left on her own.

Miguel: He was willing to check Mrs. Wallace's house even when she kept trying to stop him.  He was also suspicious of the way she was acting.  We're surprised that he picked up on that.  He also noticed that Kay was trying to trick him with the video for the baby.  That was something else that we didn't think he would pick up on.  What's going on with Miguel?  Is he finally starting to get a clue? Nah, it must have been a coincidence.

Grace: We liked how Grace told Sam that he didn't give her a chance to explain what happened.  Even though Sam had a right to be mad at her, he could have let her explain what happened and Grace was right to let him know that.

Sam: Sam believed that David could have been sick.  He also told Grace that she could have done anything to help David without taking her clothes off.  He mentioned how she wasn't in the woods with him or somewhere like that.  He said that she could have called for more blankets.  We're pretty sure that we were all thinking the same thing.  Grace should have done that.


Antonio: He was still convinced that Sheridan left on her own.  He didn't even consider what Luis was telling him for why she wasn't kidnapped.  He also didn't pick up on how Luis called Sheridan "my Sheridan". Plus he still doesn't notice how passionate Luis is about finding Sheridan.

Grace: She chose to stay with David instead of going to Sam.  She could have called someone to sit with David.  When she got home, she accused Sam of trying to be with Ivy.  She actually thought that she went through the same thing that Sam went through.  Sam was not naked with Ivy the way she was with David.

TC: He didn't tell Liz that she had to move out of the apartment garage.  He told Eve that he was going to tell her as soon as he saw her.  It was so obvious that he wasn't going to tell Liz to leave.  He didn't have to let Liz tell her news first.  He also didn't get the connection that Liz knew to move out of the apartment.  She never made reference to leaving before and now she has.  

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