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Passions Top Ten List

Top 10 Reasons Why NBC Needs to Hire a New Executive Producer/Head Writer

by Ms. S. E. ("Gargy") Hammond

Top 10 reasons why NBC needs to hire a new Executive Producer/Head Writer

10-James E. Reilly's nickname is JERk Boy.

9-Um, how long can a 16-hour day last, anyhow? Apparently, it can last anywhere from 1-1/2 weeks to an entire month.

8-How many times can someone have the same flashback within (Harmony time, here now) 5 minutes?

7-Must we endure the same old storyline without it moving beyond say "will they or won't they"?

6-How long can someone’s secrets be kept, all the while more secrets and lies that build like a snowball that even TC should be able see a mile a way.

5-Why hasn't every resident of Harmony figured out that Tabitha is a witch?

4-Why is it acceptable that the Standish women are witches, but Tabitha and Endora would be burn at the stake.

3-The overly sappy romances. The overly drawn-out romances.

2-Too much Sheridan and Luis.

1-It's absolutely amazing that Harmony is even still standing. Much less why Buffy and her gang of Slayers (and friends) have not taken up residence in Harmony--I mean it's the epi-center of all Hellmouths........not too mention, Spike did watch Passions........and everyone in Harmony's favorite show was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, after all. So, where's Buff-master/Spikey-Poo, Dawnie, Willow, and Ghost-Tara!?

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