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Passions Best Moments

8/28/06 - 9/1/06


 When Kay didnít want Fox and Siren to know she was using a spell, they showed up.

Ethan heard Theresa say she was over him.

Siren said that Fox had to be around in order for the spell to break the mermaidís curse to work.

Luis didnít hear Spike talking to himself about Chris and stealing money from the Cranes.


 Tabitha said that Siren had to have tail in order for the spell to work.

When Fancy couldnít shoot her gun, Luis had to end up helping her.

Someone tipped Chris off that Luis did a background check on him.

Fancy was only fantasizing about kissing Luis.

Fox didnít see Endora use her magic to put a ladder in the living room.

Luis said that national database was down and thatís why he couldnít find anything on Chris.

Chris said Alistair wiped his file years ago.


 Stuart Allen (a former Crane employee) wanted Ethan to help him sue Crane Industries.

Gwen walked in Ethanís office when he said he couldnít represent Stuart.

Kay had to make Fox jealous in order to finish the spell.

Luis didnít hear Fancy and Sheridan talking about him at the police station.


 Sheridan didnít see Chris and Spike talking in the cottage.

Luis conveniently gave Sheridan the orchid that got messed up.

Theresa said the client called to postpone the meeting she was supposed to have.

Ethan walked in on Theresa having sex with Jared.


 Simone and Rae conveniently knew Roberto was in Harmony.

Tabitha froze Miguel so she could warn Kay to hurry and seduce him.

Gwen knew to find Ethan at the Seacliff Inn.

When Miguel went back into Kayís room, he saw Fox and Kay kissing.

Martin was conveniently at Tabithaís house.

Sheridan and Chris saw Luis and Fancy in the pool.

Gwen conveniently booked a room for her and Ethan.

Ethan ended up in bed with Theresa because he didnít look at the room number.

Michele and Cheryl

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