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Passions Best Moments

4/3/06 4/7/06


Fancy and Sam caught Noah and Maya in bed together.

Sheridan called Ethan and Gwen to the cottage while Theresa was there.

Katherine and Rachel were outside the cottage when Ethan and Gwen showed up.

Rachel kept telling Katherine to go after Martin.

Pilar said that Father Lonigan was attacked so he couldn't marry Shuis right away.

Chris said that Sheridan is not legally married to Luis.


Jessica had the tattoo of the symbol Paloma found on her back.

Fox walked in on Kay and Miguel hugging.

Tabitha said she knew what was going to happen to Sheridan in Hawaii.

The john that Jessica found was dead.

Luis called Sheridan when Chris asked her which one she wants to be with.

Fox interrupted Tabitha and Kay when Tabitha asked Kay which one she wanted to be with.


Eve told Fancy that the damage to her eye wasn't permanent.

Ethan claimed he promised to help little Ethan practice baseball.

Gwen said that Theresa has been turning the mansion inside out looking for proof about who sent the info to the tabloid.

When Sheridan and Luis were kissing, Luis was only dreaming about it.

Eve showed up at the cottage when Chris asked Sheridan who she wanted to be with.

Lena knew that Maya and Noah were in bed together.


Ethan was suddenly able to work on cars.

Lena ran into Maya and Noah on the pier.

Luis didn't hear Sheridan and Chris arguing about him.

Theresa's chauffer told her that Ethan was working at the garage.

Maria was suddenly sick.

Eve interrupted Sheridan when she was about to say who she chose to be with.

Lena played a tape of Noah saying that Fancy meant nothing to him.


Chad was listening to Whitney when she was talking about him and Miles to God.

Miguel wasn't able to handle Maria by himself so Kay had to stay and help with her.

Chad said he brought Miles to the convent to light a candle.

Mrs. Henderson brought James tot he cottage when Chris wanted Sheridan's decision.

Chris walked in on Shuis while they were kissing.

Michele and Cheryl

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