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Passions Best Moments

3/27/06 3/31/06


Fancy showed back up at the pool house when Sam was asking Noah about Maya.

Maya's boss showed up while Maya was talking about protecting Noah and Fancy.

Gwen and Ethan were talking as if she was working longer than one day.

When Gwen and Ethan were talking about him not working for Crane, the FBI was going to get his help.

Theresa saw Ethan and Gwen sleeping together.

When Luis claimed he knew why Sheridan didn't want to marry him, he was wrong.

The doctor said that Luis would be okay as long as he stayed happy.

Luis wanted Chris to be a part of his and Sheridan's wedding.

Sally Chinn's restaurant blew up just before Noah went in there.


Kay went in the kitchen dressed in lingerie while Miguel was in there.

The Justice of the Peace kept driving it home how much Shuis's are in love.

Theresa came up with a lie for why Fancy heard Ethan's voice in the library.

Kay was only fantasizing about kissing Miguel.

Luis didn't hear the pilot say that Sheridan was listed under Mrs. Lopez-Fitzgerald and Mrs. Boothe.

Luis was asleep when Sheridan and Chris were talking about being married.


The police showed up at the Crane mansion when Noah said he wanted to tell Fancy the truth.

Fancy thought that Sally Chinn's restaurant blowing up had something to do with Noah and Maya.

Ivy saw Kay and Miguel talking outside.

Ivy stopped Sam from confronting Miguel and Kay.

Maya said she didn't have Lena's number or address.


The voice Whitney heard said he only goes to her.

The FBI agent stopped Noah from telling Fancy the truth.

Sam found a tape that proved that Noah and Maya were together.

Paloma claimed she heard about the bizarre things that happened in Harmony.


Miguel and Kay were having the same dream.

Chris interrupted Shuis when they were kissing.

Chris said that Luis should be in the hospital for why he thought he shouldn't share a room with Sheridan.

When Martin heard someone in the kitchen, it was only Katherine.

When Pilar went home, she saw Martin and Katherine together.

Kay was thinking of Miguel while she was making love to Fox.

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