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Passions Best Moments

1/9/06 Ė 1/13/06


Eve said that Alistair would pull through unless something unexpected happened. The next shot was of the masked man going after Alistair.

Gwen and Theresa didnít hear everyone in the attic, but they conveniently heard them fighting.

Eve interrupted the masked man while he was trying to kill Alistair.

Alistair conveniently wanted Sam to investigate if he is ever attacked.

The masked man that Eve saw conveniently ran off before Julian could see him.


Noah conveniently confessed to what Alistair knows about him while Fancy was asleep.

Jessica didnít hear Spike talking to himself about what Alistair wants him to do to her and her family.

Sam saw Spike talking to Jessica.


Rachel conveniently had a drug to inject into Alistair.

Rachel conveniently stayed with a veterinarian so that she had access to the drug she used on Alistair.

Ethan conveniently started talking about how his paternity being revealed ruined his life.

Sheridan conveniently told Gwen to tell Ethan the truth about what Alistair had on her.

Theresa heard Sheridan tell Gwen to tell Ethan the truth.

Theresa was conveniently able to hear Rebecca and Gwen talking about what they did to Ethan.


Theresa was able to hear Ethan and Gwen talking.

Rebecca saw Theresa eavesdropping on Gwen and Ethan.

Rebecca and Theresa busted into the nursery while Gwen and Ethan were talking.

The cops walked in while Alistair was confessing to who tried to kill him.


Alistair passed out before he could say who killed him.

Rachel was able to get to the B & B on a snowmobile.

Endora was able to give Fox the spell so that he would forget being mad at Kay.

Michele and Cheryl

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