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Passions Best Moments

5/9/05 - 5/13/05


That was convenient how Pilar was on the wharf with little Ethan and Jane while Luis was there.

It was convenient how Ivy kept harping on the tabloid incident while she was talking to Theresa.

Sheridan did research on DNA testing and realized that Beth is her sister.

Chad wanted Whitney to watch the baby.

Julian was able to get his room ready so he could be with Eve.

That was convenient how Whitney's baby's stopped crying when she held him.


Eve and Julian heard Edna yelling at the mansion.

Sheridan had a picture of Luis and Marty.

Whitney suddenly thought that Fox would kill Chad.

A cop just happened to be walking on the wharf when Fox was saving Chad.

Eve was conveniently thirsty and wouldn't let Julian get her something to drink.

Eve saw Alistair, Edna, and Beth together at the mansion.

Eve stepped on a floor board that creaked when she was following Alistair, Beth, and Edna.

Eve didn't hear Beth call Alistair daddy.


Rebecca/Gwen and Ivy/Ethan all wanted to get a night cap at the same time.

That was convenient how Whitney's baby wasn't the one that had to go to the hospital.

The angels were gone when Edna and Beth went back home.

Eve suddenly wanted to talk to Sheridan about seeing Beth and Edna.

Eve conveniently thought that Sheridan would know why Beth and Edna were at the mansion.

Theresa conveniently started choking when Ivy was yelling at her.


The D.A. called to tell Ethan that Gwen's hearing was pushed up.

That's convenient how Alistair was able to sign Edna's check in a way that wouldn't get back to him.

Ethan emailed Eve to talk to her about Gwen.

Edna used to be a waitress at the Crane mansion.

Sheridan had already called the maid to talk about Beth.


Sam already packed Ivy's things for her.

It was convenient how the Crane maid had to sign a confidentiality agreement when she started working for Alistair.

Gwen would have needed a written letter from her attorney to get a postponement for her hearing.

The Crane maid was eavesdropping on Alistair and Beth the night before.

Michele and Cheryl

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