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Passions Best Moments

4/25 - 4/29/05


Chad suddenly showed up at the adoption agency when Fox was yelling at Whitney.

Sam was going to throw Rebecca out of the police station because she was threatening Theresa.

Chad said Julian's secretary told him where to find him.

Sheridan only wanted to apologize to Beth when she wanted to talk to Beth.

No one heard Edna say that Sheridan is Marty's mother.

Sheridan had a picture of Marty in her pocketbook.

Sam showed up at the club after Jessica got there.

Alistair was in the Wallace house when they were talking about him.

Sam couldn't hear Ivy telling him about Jessica and Spike.


Alistair said he was handling another situation with his wife so he couldn't have been the one to fix Marty's DNA.

Sam didn't notice the bruises on Jessica's arm.

Sheridan wanted to get some air when she couldn't go back to sleep.

Edna found info on the Internet about DNA tests.

Edna said she and Alistair didn't use protection when they had sex in her flashback.

Spike was able to keep Sam from busting him by telling him that Jessica would be arrested too.

Alistair claimed that he has always felt a bond with Beth.


The adoption agent said that the adoption of Whitney's baby was finalized hours ago so there was nothing that could be done about Chad adopting the baby.

Kay saw Sam bringing Jessica in the house.

Sheridan wanted to go to apologized to Beth again.

Beth hung up on Edna and she didn't hear how Alistair is her father.

Shuis showed up at the Wallace house when Edna was going to look for Beth.

Luis was behind Sheridan in Marty's room when she said that she was Marty's mother.

Sheridan walked past Beth's basement and remembered being held prisoner there.

Luis didn't hear Edna say how Alistair is Beth's father.


No one heard Eve telling Whitney that she needed to tell the truth about her baby.

Luis didn't hear Edna admit to Sheridan being in the basement.

Whitney only stopped Chad from leaving because Fox and Chad were upsetting the baby.

Chad had baby things in his studio.

Whitney knew that Ethan got Sam to drop the charges against Gwen.

Edna had flashbacks of fixing up the basement.

Luis said that all of the basements in Harmony look alike.

Fox showed up at Chad's studio when Chad was talking about being with Whitney.


No one heard Tabitha say how Ivy's house of cards were falling down.

Ethan said that he wouldn't allow him to take Jane away from Theresa.

Ethan said that Theresa could get little Ethan back because of the contract, but he couldn't take Jane away.

Ivy saw a picture of her and Sam when she was about to leave the Bennett house.

Ivy saw Sam when she went on her walk.

Tabitha was on the pier at the same time as Sam and Ivy.

Michele and Cheryl

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