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Passions Best Moments

4/4 - 4/8/05


Chad walked in when Whitney said she was giving her baby up for adoption, but he didn't hear how she said he's the father.

Chad knew that Whitney was keeping a secret, but he didn't know what it was.

Whitney lied about why she gave her baby up for adoption.

Eve left the hospital to check on Sheridan.

Pilar didn't notice how Martin didn't answer whether or not he would be back with her if Katherine didn't leave him.

Whitney was able to get out of why she thought giving up the baby would be the right thing for her and Chad.

Paloma, Theresa, and Pilar left Luis and Martin alone.

Alistair knew that someone was approaching Sheridan.


Luis wanted to know Martin's secret in order for Martin to help him.

Ethan and Theresa walked in while Chadney were fighting.

Beth was the one who went to see Sheridan.

Alistair called and told Beth about what happened to Marty.

Chad and Ethan walked in when Whitney said that her baby would grow up with a stigma.

Sheridan suddenly remembered that Beth held her captive.

Whitney lied about why she said her baby would grow up with a stigma.

Beth was able to punch Sheridan out when she was trying to get Marty.


A nurse gave Whitney a baby basket when she was about to leave.

Luis didn't notice how Beth was trying to strangle Sheridan.

A guard was behind Gwen when she tried to save Katherine from Alistair.

The Bennett house was decorated with baby stuff when Whitney got there.

Fox knew to have the room decorated with baby stuff.

Monique had a bathing suit.

Fox was able to get the key from Monique without her noticing.

Monique and another guard caught Fox when he was about to leave.

Sheridan didn't say how Beth punched her.


Beth still had her clown mask in a closet.

Sheridan was talking crazy when she told Luis about the clown who kidnapped her.

Tabitha was able to see Whitney and Theresa from her window where she was.

Ivy told Jessica that she was the only adult in the house when she caught her trying to leave.

Tabitha got out of how she knew Whitney was with Theresa.

Sheridan remembered Beth punching her when Luis touched her face.

Kay said she, Simone, and Jessica always thought that Whitney would make a great mother.

Ethan told Kay that he was going to rescue Gwen and the baby.

Sam didn't hear Ivy say how she wasn't going to let Jessica bully her.

Theresa made it on the plane before it took off.


Tabitha invited TC and Liz over to see Whitney.

Luis told Beth that he called Eve to check on Sheridan.

Luis didn't hear what Edna said when she was telling Beth about kidnapping Sheridan.

Beth was able to get Luis to let her take Marty home.

Beth burned her clown costume.

Liz convinced TC that Eve was why Whitney gave up her baby.

Michele and Cheryl

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