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Passions Best Moments

8/1/05 8/5/05


Eddie said that Alistair wanted to be the first to know about any disaster.

Theresa claimed that people in love are always drawn together during crisis.

Ethan and Theresa ran into Spike and Jessica when they were getting rid of the body.

Liz said that Julian made love to her years ago.

Sheridan was only dreaming when she saw Luis and Marty. (Big surprise, right)


Julian and Liz were stuck in the water together.

It was convenient that the window about Julian and Liz's heads was big enough for both of them to fit through.

Maureen conveniently wasn't breathing when Sheridan got to her.

Noah knew there was going to be another tidal wave.


Ethan and Theresa wound up in his old tree house.

Eve said that Simone was on a school trip.

Simone was in Harmony when she was supposed to be in California.

Katherine conveniently floated past Pilar's house.

Ned and Fancy wound up in a bottle shop.

Fox got hit in the face by a propel tank.

Liz didn't tell Julian about the proof that they slept together.

Jessica's foot was caught when Simone tried to save her.

Maureen wanted Sheridan to take care of Mark because she was dying.


A woman on the roof thought that Fox and Kay were married.

Pilar let Katherine stay at her house because it was too dangerous.

Eve got a phone call when TC wanted to know how she felt about him.

Martin walked in on the end of Pilar and Katherine's conversation about what Alistair would do to him if he tried to kill Alistair.

Liz claimed that Julian attacked her for why she stabbed him.


Rachel's coffin was the one that Katherine used to get to Pilar's house.

Katherine felt a connection to the person in the coffin.

Simone wanted to tell Jessica where she was later.

Whitney had a change of clothes at the studio.

TC believed that Julian attacked Liz.

Rachel's coffin opened when Martin tried to lift it.

Spike showed up when Simone and Jessica were talking about him.

Michele and Cheryl

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