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Passions Best Moments

7/25/05 - 7/29/05


Jessica didn't hear Spike and the Vegas men talking about getting Noah.

Katherine was outside while Sheridan was clearing her head.

Julian said that Ivy told him that Fancy was in town.

The guys from Vegas found matches to the Blue Note so they knew where to find Noah.

Everyone suddenly wanted to go to the Blue Note.

Fox didn't see Endora fly out of her high chair.


Rebecca was at the Blue Note when Eve accepted Julian's proposal.

TC and Liz showed up at Julian and Eve's table when Rebecca was yelling at Julian.

Fox knew that Luis went away to look for Marty.

Jessica's john lured Jessica over to where the scissors were sitting.


Jessica's John wanted to have sex with her during the earthquake.

When Fancy fell in the crack, Noah managed to be able to hold on to her.

Theresa only had a flesh wound when Alistair shot her.

Whitney said that Simone was out in California.

Whitney ran into a woman who was looking for her daughter.

Jessica turned her back on Spike when he was about to stab her john.

Kay managed to fall down a hole when she wanted to get Maria's stuffed animal.


Fox was able to catch Kay before she fell through the hole.

Edna woke up when Tabitha wanted to check on Kay.

The goon from Vegas was going to kill Noah and Fancy and then get the money from Alistair.

Noah was able to distract the gunman when he was about to kill them.

Alistair was outside of Pilar's house when Katherine was about to leave.

Fox wanted to use Tabitha's phone to call Chad.


TC was watching when Evian were kissing.

Theresa suddenly wanted to see little Ethan.

Noah was able to grab on to the gunman's leg when he supposedly fell through the ground.

Ethan conveniently arranged for two cars to take Gwen and Theresa home.

Fox only reacted to Tabitha's house looking okay and not to Tabitha being a witch.

When Martin and Pilar were looking out the window, they didn't see Alistair and Katherine outside.

When the gunman tried to attack Fancy, Noah came out of the hole in the ground.

Kay noticed how Fox left his phone at Tabitha's house.

Fox ran into Kay when she was going to give him his phone.

Ethan was on the pier when Theresa was knocked out.

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