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Passions Best Moments

12/13 - 12/17/04


Theresa saw Ethan watching her with the baby.

Tabitha didn't tell what Liz's motive was for killing Alistair.

Tabitha suddenly wanted Alistair to be alive after wanting him to die.

Eve thought that she would have been able to start Alistair's heart.

Theresa blamed Martin for why she went into premature labor.

Sam was told about what happened to Alistair.

Theresa suddenly passed out when Gwen, Ivy, and Rebecca showed up at NICU.

Beth said that Alistair took the Book Cafe from her which was why she wanted him dead.

Whitney said she had access to poison.


Ethan said he didn't have time to file the papers so Gwen could be with the baby.

Ethan let Gwen interrupted him when he was going to tell her something.

Edna knew that Alistair's cigar was poisoned.

The nurse told Sheridan that she couldn't see Alistair.

Luis said that he and Sheridan still think about the baby they lost.

Theresa threw up in Luis's face how he would fight to save Marty if he were in her position.

Beth was able to get into Alistair's room despite the officer being in front of his room.


Luis was able to buy Sheridan a ring.

Alistair kept passing out when Beth wanted to know Alistair's secret.

Luis said that Father Lonigan to said Shuis could get married the day after Christmas.

Luis and Sheridan wanted Beth to be in the wedding.

Chad was at Crane Industries when Fox was there.

Chad said he read about morning sickness and did research on babies.

Theresa called Woody to help her.

Woody said that the baby was Theresa's baby.


Luis said that Father Lonigan wanted to meet with him and Sheridan to talk about the wedding.

Beth knew that Theresa had to sign papers to give up the baby.

A nurse knocked on the door when Rebecca wanted Eve to tell her what she knew about Theresa and the baby.

Whitney wanted to leave Harmony just as Fox got his job back.

Chad walked in Julian's office when Fox wanted to know why Whitney thanked him for taking care of her and the baby.

Julian wanted Chad and Fox to work together on a project.

Beth claimed she wanted Marty to get baptized again.

Gwen interrupted Ethan when he tried to tell her something.

Edna knew to find Shuis at the church.

Chad wanted to take Valerie out to lunch.

Eve said Whitney had a competitive edge.

Chad showed up at the same restaurant as Foxney.

Sheridan said that she still thinks that her baby is still alive.


Shuis saw a news report about what happened to Alistair.

Pilar said she had Antonio's memorial plaque on hold.

The pharmacist gave Beth a drug that would kill Alistair after she finds out what could break up Shuis.

Pilar called Paloma while she was talking about her.

Paloma would have went to Antonio's memorial if Martin could go.

Beth was able to get the drug when the pharmacist kissed her.

The pharmacist didn't know Beth took the drug.  He said that she took his heart.

Beth came up with a lie about having a husband and two boyfriends in order to get away from him.

The drug that Beth gave Alistair worked when she thought that it wouldn't work.

Sheridan showed up by Rachel's tombstone after Katherine said she was her mother.

Michele and Cheryl

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