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Passions Best Moments

12/6 - 12/10/04


Alistair wouldn't tell Julian how he was going to break up Shuis.

Katherine told Pilar that she knew what it was like to lose someone she loved.

Theresa was able to stop Gwen from checking on the baby.

Luis had time to set up a picnic for Sheridan.

Shuis were suddenly talking about the child they lost.

Ethan said that the legal documents that Theresa signed weren't filed yet since the baby was born premature.

Ethan wasn't able to get in touch with the judge.

Eve said that it was hospital policy that the woman who gave birth to the child was considered the mother.


Eve said that Gwen needed a court order in order to see the baby.

Gwen heard Eve say she wanted to give her a sedative.

Pilar cut off Katherine when she wanted to know who her husband was.

Rebecca showed up while Pilar and Katherine were talking.

Rebecca and Pilar saw Ethan carrying Gwen while Pilar was yelling at Katherine.

Julian was able to find Shuis on the roof.

Martin noticed the bruise on her face when Pilar slapped her.


Sam and Ivy walked in when Rebecca was questioning Ethan about Theresa.

Alistair's assistant knew where to find KMart.

Alistair was able to find Shuis and Julian on the roof.

Tabitha knew that Alistair was having a party.

Eve told Theresa how she never did a blood test on the baby so she didn't know who the mother was.

KMart were able to hear Shuis and Julian talking about Alistair's plan.

Eve made Sheridan wait until the next day before she could see Gwen.

Everyone was suddenly talking about killing Alistair.

Alistair was watching KMart when they were talking about him outing Katherine.

A nurse told Theresa that it would help the baby if she talked to her.


TC walked in on Whitney and Fox when they were talking about the baby.

Martin knew to show up at the library when Katherine was trying to kill Alistair.

Everyone suddenly had a reason to want to kill Alistair.

TC saw a picture of Alistair in the paper.

Katherine was able to find Sheridan at the hospital.

Luis saw Sheridan and Katherine talking at the hospital.

Everyone at the hospital made excuses to not be around each other.

Whitney was able to come up with an excuse for why she said her and Fox used protection all of the time.

Alistair left his drink on the table unattended.

Everyone showed up at the mansion after someone poisoned Alistair's drink.

No one heard Alistair talking to KMart about his wife.


Tabitha said all of the suspects were at the hospital when the poison was stolen.

Tabitha didn't say Liz and TC's motives for killing Alistair.

The pizza delivery girl said that a friend of hers used to babysit for Endora and weird things happened.

When Pilar said that she knew what Alistair's painting meant, she thought that it was about her.

A nurse told Theresa that whatever she was saying that was helping the baby improve.

Rebecca and Ivy didn't hear Ethan say how he slept with Theresa.

Ethan said it was too late to get the legal papers filed.

Alistair died before he could tell who killed him.

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