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Passions Best Moments

11/22 - 11/26/04


Theresa said she was out of bed because she wanted warm milk.

Shuis showed up at the cottage when KMart were trying to leave.

Edna suddenly mentioned how Marty has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Rebecca walked in when Theresa and Ethan were talking to each other.

Ivy didn't hear Fox say how Whitney was pregnant.

Paloma couldn't tell who Marty looked like.

Theresa was listening to Ethan and Gwen's conversation when they were talking about the future.

Paloma told Beth how Sheridan and Luis were having problems because of Mrs. Wheeler.

Theresa suddenly thought she was going to lose the baby.


Martin said that he and Katherine were able to stay at the B N B.

Beth was outside Sheridan's cottage when Shuis were hugging.

Katherine felt a chill when Alistair was near them.

KMart didn't notice how Alistair followed them outside.

Rebecca said she used to pretend to cramp to get some bling.

Chad walked in on Whitney when she was talking about the baby.

Chad said he heard Whitney talking to herself, but he didn't hear what she said.

Ethan gave an excuse for Theresa saying how she was losing "our" baby.

Fox and Ivy walked in on Chad and Whitney when he was about to leave.


Tabitha had to give us the rundown of each story.

Whitney said she had her period the last time she was with Chad.

Ivy said that you get upset the further you are in your pregnancy.

Tabitha was able to convince everyone to go to her house for Thanksgiving.


Passions didn't air this day.


Simone didn't hear Tabitha telling Kay that Endora set everything up for Thanksgiving.

Theresa needed Gwen to go to the mansion for her.

Kay said Tabitha sent her and Simone to the bakery.

Tabitha said the piņata was filled with cranberry sauce when it exploded.

Sheridan felt the need to hold Marty when he was fussy.

Katherine was able to cover up why she said Marty looked like Sheridan as a baby.

Theresa claimed she wanted Gwen to get her under garments which is why she didn't want Ethan to go the mansion.

No one heard Katherine talking to Martin at the table.

Gwen came back to Theresa's room just as Theresa was feeding Ethan.

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