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Passions Best Moments

10/11 - 10/15/04


Eve walked in her room while Whitney was in there with her pills.

Eve managed not to see Whitney with her pills.

Rebecca's plan was to get Theresa to sign away her rights to all three kids.

Simone didn't hear Tabitha and Kay talking about Tabitha's magic bowl.

Rebecca wanted Gwen to keep Ethan in the dark about their plan to get little Ethan and the twins.


Ethan didn't hear Rebecca and Gwen talking about their plan to get Theresa to sign the contract.

Fox didn't see Whitney put the drug in his drink.

Ethan didn't notice how Rebecca was hiding legal documents behind her.

Whitney managed to have a bathing suit at the mansion.

Theresa didn't notice how Gwen slipped in the extra document in the contract.

When Theresa wanted Pilar to look over the contract, Pilar thought Ethan knew what he was doing.

Chad was able to see Fox and Whitney together.


Paloma walked past Theresa's room while Pilar and Theresa were talking about little Ethan.

Edna said she got the recipe for Martimmys at the Crane mansion.

Pilar didn't notice the way Paloma was dressed.

Sheridan wanted to go with Luis to see Martin.

Julian wanted to go for a swim.

Chad only imagined beating Fox up.

Beth told Luis that Martin wasn't feeling well, so Luis agreed not to see him.

Shuis didn't notice how uncomfortable Beth was about them leaving.

Paloma didn't notice how Theresa was in pain.


Theresa was having pains in her stomach while Gwen was talking about having a family.

Beth was able to convince Luis not to bring Sheridan to see little Martin.

Pilar came up with excuses for why she couldn't come up with the money to see Paloma.

Theresa said she had braxton hicks for why she had pains.

Shuis didn't hear Edna say how Martin is Sheridan's son.


Theresa screamed when Whitney slipped up about having kids.

Shuis weren't able to hear Theresa scream.

Paloma suddenly thought about a time when she was sick and asking for her mother.

Whitney managed to have another change of clothes when she was at the hospital.

Eve said that Theresa's pains weren't labor pains. They were caused by what happened to her during her first pregnancy.

Father Lonigan said that Pilar called him about Theresa.

Katherine was able to come up with an excuse for why she wanted to be there for her.

Judge Reilly was able to revoke Katherine's bail.

Michele and Cheryl

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