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Passions Best Moments

10/4 - 10/8/04


Paloma was able to find the pier.

When Katherine shot Alistair, everyone heard it, but no one heard all of the fighting in the library earlier.  The door was open so they should have heard it.

Paloma knew about Chad's problems from the tabloids.

Sam let Martin talk to Katherine before he questioned her.

Sheridan wanted Alistair to live so he could explain why he hates her and Julian so much.

Sam didn't hear Martin tell Katherine to lie about shooting Alistair.


Shuis cut Katherine off when she was questioned for why she shot Alistair.

Simone walked in when Tabitha was telling Kay about Whitney's plan.

Tabitha was able to stop Simone from seeing the bowl.

Julian was able to stop Foxney from having sex.

Sam said that the only way he wouldn't arrest Katherine was if Alistair didn't press charges against her.

Whitney showed up at the studio just to get her stuff.


Fox said the news was out about Alistair being shot.

Sam said he was going to arrest Katherine because of formality and not because Alistair died.

Katherine was able to stop Martin from telling the truth about their identity.

Sam said that Katherine wasn't able to make bail because she doesn't live in Harmony.

Sam walked in on KMart when Katherine said they couldn't tell anyone the truth.  Naturally he didn't hear what the truth was.

Luis said he would forgive his father if he left against his will, but he wouldn't if he left on his own.

Sheridan was suddenly sleepwalking again.

Sheridan managed to wander around the area where Katherine was at.


Ethan/Gwen/Theresa/Rebecca knew about what happened to Alistair.

Whitney convinced Fox that she was researching information for Theresa which was why she was looking at the site about pregnancy.

Sheridan fainted while she was talking to Katherine.

Ethan walked in when Whitney tried to get Fox to "relax".

Luis told Katherine how Sheridan wouldn't remember anything that happened between them because she was sleepwalking.

It's convenient how Julian suddenly doubts what Fox can do at Crane Industries.


Tabitha said that her bowl didn't tell her how Paloma could help Kay get Miguel.

Paloma and Simone walked into Tabitha's kitchen after she and Kay were finished talking about Paloma.

Gwen said that the contract that Ben came up with would send Theresa over the edge.

Whitney knew what room Eve was staying in at the mansion.

Gwen decided not to have Theresa sign the contracts.

Whitney managed to find Eve's medical bag on the floor.

Michele and Cheryl

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