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Passions Best Moments

9/6 - 9/10/04


Rebecca figured out that Ethan was the one who slept with Theresa.

Julian came up with an excuse (other than telling the truth) for why he thought Chad shouldn't marry Whitney right away.

Sheridan and Martin didn't know how to suck the venom out of Katherine when she got bit by the snake.

Sheridan noticed how Katherine had scars on her forehead.

Nick didn't wake up when Paloma was screaming at him about raping her.

No one heard Whitney yelling about Chad not being her brother.

Gwen didn't hear Ethan say how he had sex with Theresa.

Martin was suddenly flashing back to when he and Katherine had plastic surgery.

Fox suddenly noticed how Chad resembles Eve.

The rocks fell when Paloma hit them.

Nick showed up when Paloma was trying to save Luis.


Gwen didn't know who Theresa would have the hots for to get pregnant sooner.

Julian lied about why he didn't want Chad and Whitney to get married.

Alistair was able to see Sheridan and KMart in the snake pit.

Theresa lied for why she said the baby was Ethan's.

Alistair was above the pit when Martin climbed out of it.


Eve didn't notice why Julian was hesitant to tell her who her son is.

Martin claimed he didn't fall in love with Katherine until after he left with her.

Luis started to stir in the temple when Paloma left.

Alistair wanted Martin to suffer before he shot him.

Martin chose to talk to Alistair instead of shooting him.

Alistair had an antidote to save Katherine and Sheridan.

Alistair said that Katherine and Sheridan's heartbeats slowed down because of the snake bites.

Chad couldn't figure out who Evian's child is until Fox told him.

Sheridan was unconscious when Katherine said Martin's name.

Sheridan didn't hear Katherine say she is her daughter.

Sheridan didn't notice how Katherine called Martin by his name after she was out of the pit.


Ethan waited until Gwen left before he told Theresa about the babies.

Julian and Eve walked over to Chadney and Fox when they were talking about Chad's parents.

Gwen believed that Theresa didn't sleep with anyone to get pregnant.

Theresa convinced Ethan not to tell Gwen that he slept with her.

Gwen didn't hear Theresa say how Ethan pictured her when he was with Gwen.

Pilar said one of the nurses told her that Theresa was in the hospital.

Sheridan said she had a dream about her mother after she was bit by the snake.

Martin said that snakebites cause people to hallucinate.


Pilar suddenly mentioned Martin leaving the family.

Luis interrupted Katherine when she was going to tell the truth about who she is.

Paloma said she and her friends used to go to the jungle so she would have been able to get everyone out of the jungle.

Luis thought that it was because of his father that Alistair hates the family.

Paloma suddenly wanted to speak to Pilar when Luis called her.

Shuis didn't hear Martin threaten to kill Alistair.

Theresa was watching Gwen and Ethan when they were talking about the babies.

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