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Passions Best Moments

8/30 - 9/3/04


Gwen and Ethan didn't hear Theresa say how she's keeping both babies.

Alistair and Julian didn't hear Fox talking outside of Alistair's office.

Luis didn't notice the laser when he went into the temple to look for Paloma.

Chad told Whitney how unwanted pregnancies can ruin a relationship after she found out she's pregnant.

Gwen and Ethan only knew that Theresa is having twins.  They didn't overhear what she planned on doing with the twins.


Theresa was able to find information about the babies on the computer.

Chad thought that it would be a mistake to have kids now. Of course that made matters worse for Whitney.

Julian knew to call Eve when TC and Liz left the shed.

Martin was able to come up with an excuse for why he said he didn't want to lose another child.

Whitney knew where to find Theresa because someone at the hospital told her where she was.

Sheridan didn't hear KMart talking about what happened with Alistair. 

Liz got her way when TC believed her over Eve about his accident.


Sam knew to be at the Russell house when TC was beating Julian.

Alistair was in Mexico while KMart and Sheridan were looking for Paloma.

Chad got a recording contract so he could marry Whitney right away.

Gwen and Ethan interrupted Whitney when she was about to tell Theresa she's pregnant.

TC conveniently didn't hit Julian with the wrench.

The guide was able to get out of the jungle, but KMart and Sheridan couldn't.

Liz and TC were outside when Eve said she hit TC.


Jessica interrupted Kay and Simone when Kay told Simone she would help her get Chad.

Kay said she used to read the sports page with Miguel.

Simone said that she used to read Chad his horoscope.

Chad interrupted Fox when he was going to tell her about Chad.

Kay saw an article in the paper about Julian and Eve looking for their son.

Chad mentioned again how he didn't want to rush into having kids.

Liz conveniently saw how Alistair bribed Eve to keep quiet about TC's accident on the cds.

Kay said she took a computer class which was why she knew how to change Chad's paternity.

A nurse had to pull up a patient's file in the records while Kay and Simone were in there.

An orderly stopped the nurse from going in the records room.

Kay conveniently didn't know what she did to the records when she was interrupted.

Ethan and Gwen didn't hear Theresa say she was taking all three children.  They were not that far away from her so they should have heard him.


Eve felt she had to tell Whitney about causing TC's accident.

Sheridan didn't notice how upset Martin was over Alistair.

Eve said that there was no way for Theresa to be pregnant with because she examined her.

Eve said that it's possible for Theresa to ovulate two babies from two different fathers.

Sheridan fell down a hole when she was talking about killing Alistair.

Sheridan was unconscious when Katherine called Martin by his real name.

TC didn't hear Liz say that she would get revenge on Eve.

Nick was off the phone when Paloma tried to run away.

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