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Passions Best Moments

8/9 - 8/13/04


Shuis wanted to check on Paloma while Nick was in Paloma's room.

Tabitha was going to come up with a spell to keep Miguel from finding Charity.

Nick hid in the closet before Shuis could see him in Paloma's room.

Katherine said that the singer that serenaded them was singing their song.

Shuis were out of Paloma's room when Nick came out of her closet.

Luis said that the song that the singer sang was about lovers who have been separated many times.


Fox had a picture of Whitney, Chad, and Theresa in his wallet.

TC said he grieved for Eve and her baby when Eve made him believe their baby died.

Paloma chose not to scream when she ran away from Nick.  If she did, Shuis would have known something was wrong with her.

Eve said that she and TC never went to bed angry. 

Nick was out of the room when Shuis went in to check on Paloma.

Fox said he took on more responsibility at Crane Industries.

Martin came up with an excuse for how he knew Alistair would go after Paloma.

Liz claimed she called the hospital and found out that Eve was staying at the mansion.

Eve showed up at home just as TC and Liz were making love.

TC didn't see Eve watching him with Liz.

Luis didn't hear Martin blame himself for why Alistair's going after the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.


Whitney was suddenly staying with Chad.

Julian was at the Russell house when Eve was about to leave.

TC stopped kissing Liz when Eve left the room.

Pilar had a dream about something happening to Paloma.

Simone suddenly wanted to talk to Whitney and found Whitney with Chad.

Luis and Martin caught up to Nick in the jungle when Nick had at least 10 minutes over them.

Fox showed up at Chad's place to bring comfort food.

Little Ethan managed to stay asleep when Theresa was having pains. 

TC knew where to find Eve in the Crane mansion.

Rebecca claimed she has been out of town all of this time.


Sami showed up when TC was trying to talk to Liz.

Fox and Chad had the same picture of themselves with Eve and Whitney.

Father Lonigan showed up to talk to TC.

Whitney was suddenly sick after she said she didn't want to have kids right away.

When Whitney and Chad got to the hospital, they ran into Eve.

Nick was able to catch up to Luis and Martin when he was with Paloma.

There was a snake outside of the shed when Paloma tried to leave.


Whitney was suddenly sick when she was arguing with Fox.

Whitney claimed that she has been sick every morning for three days.

Raul claimed that he didn't hear Paloma scream.

Paloma was out of the shed when Nick got back to it.

The doctor needed Gwen and Ethan to leave Theresa's room while he examined her.

A pregnant woman walked by Whitney at the hospital.

Fox was outside of Alistair's office when Alistair was about to tell Julian who his son is.

Katherine was the one who snuck up on Sheridan and not Nick.

Eve showed up at the house when Liz was telling TC about the accident.

Nick was able to find Paloma when she was screaming for Luis.

Theresa stopped the doctor from telling Gwen about the twins.

Michele and Cheryl

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