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Passions Best Moments

8/2 - 8/6/04


Ethan wasn't willing to believe that Theresa wasn't going to take his and Gwen's baby.

TC didn't hear Liz telling Eve why she got revenge on her.

Theresa claimed that she was only keeping the baby from Gwen and Ethan if she didn't get little Ethan back.

Theresa said that she says things she doesn't mean when she's mad.

Sam didn't hear Liz tell Ivy about her secrets coming out.

Alistair's henchman was able to convince Paloma that Luis is a liar.

Luis and Sheridan found Pilar after Alistair's henchman convinced her that Luis is lying about loving her.


Luis didn't notice Paloma watching Alistair's henchman while he was talking to her.

Liz didn't admit to Eve's other secret.

Sam didn't overhear the conversation Liz and Ivy had about Ivy's secret.

Chad needed Fox to watch after Whitney again.

Whitney had to interrupt Eve while she was trying to reach out to Simone.

Kmart were listening when Luis was talking about Martin walking out on the family.


Luis was blaming Martin for why Pilar had to give Paloma away.

Simone said that she wanted to grow up and be like Eve.

Liz and Eve were looking at the same picture of the Russells.

Luis was suddenly dreaming about when he went fishing with Martin.

Sheridan didn't hear Katherine talking to God about being her mother.

Eve said that Pilar told her that the B & B was full.

Chad didn't hear Fox say how he loves Whitney.

Eve was able to see TC and Liz hugging from the window.


Martin was only fantasizing about telling Luis the truth.

Julian said every hotel and B & B were full so Eve couldn't get a room.

Eve suddenly had an attack in Julian's car.

Liz wanted Fox to close up the Blue Note for her since he still had keys to the Blue Note.

Whitney conveniently wanted to sing at the Blue Note.

Katherine said she saw a documentary about the Cranes and Bennetts which was why she knew so much about them.

TC wanted to go with Liz to the Blue Note.


Alistair said that Martin had another secret that drove him away from his family.

Martin said that the sacrifice he made has haunted him all his life.

Luis said he believed in forgiveness except when it concerns his father.

Chad needed Fox to watch out for Whitney while he tried to get rid of TC.

Pilar called Luis while he was talking to Martin.

Katherine came up with an excuse for why she said that Sheridan was family.

Sheridan claimed that she used to wonder if her mother was alive.

Pilar conveniently wanted to talk to Martin.

Martin conveniently left when Pilar wanted to talk to him.

Chad interrupted when Whitney was about to say how she felt about him.

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