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Passions Best Moments

7/12 - 7/16/04


We forgot to mention this one last week so we'll mention it this week.  Eve had a picture of herself in the bathroom.

TC didn't tell Liz about Antonio because of her surprise.

Charity and Miguel didn't notice how Kay was watching them while they were talking to each other at the hospital.

TC got the wrong idea about the truth that Eve wanted to tell him.  

Eve had to go to the hospital to check on Pilar.

Sheridan conveniently missed her mother.

Julian knew to be at the hospital when Eve was there.


Eve was only fantasizing about TC knowing the truth about her.

Whitney suddenly started fantasizing about being in love with Fox.

Charity didn't hear Tabitha talking to herself about Endora.

KMart were looking at a website about Luis and Sheridan.

Sheridan didn't remember how she only tripped over Martin's body.

When TC called Eve at the hospital, he didn't know the truth about Eve.

Miguel didn't hear Kay and Tabitha celebrating about Charity leaving Harmony.


Julian was there to stop Alistair from scheming against Shuis.

Shuis didn't hear Julian and Alistair fighting outside of the doctor's lounge.

When Alistair was talking to Julian, he was conveniently standing next to a plant.

Liz was suddenly so concerned with Antonio being dead.

Liz needed to have Eve at the house before she exposed her.


Miguel was suddenly talking about his father.

Charity saw a picture of Miguel in the living room.

Fox was only fantasizing about Whitney kissing him and returning his feelings for her.

Irma was asleep when TC was trying to show her the photo album.

Theresa was listening to the radio when a report about Antonio's death came on.


Sheridan didn't notice how Alistair was watching her and Luis in her cottage.

Gwen was suddenly worried about Theresa losing the baby while Theresa was having problems with the baby.

Theresa knew how Sheridan chose Luis over Antonio. Who told her?

Miguel called just after Martin and Katherine were talking about him.

Theresa overheard Fox telling Whitney about Pilar.

Michele and Cheryl

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