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Passions Best Moments

6/28 - 6/30/04


Fox and Whitney woke up when Chad turned the lights on, but they didn't wake up while they were tossing and turning.

Luis didn't hear Katherine telling Martin to talk to him.  Martin barely covered the phone so Luis should have heard her.

Julian knew that Sheridan survived the plane crash.

Luis claimed he heard whispering on the phone, but he couldn't tell if it was a woman or a man.

TC had a present for Eve which allowed Liz and Eve to talk about the past.

Chad didn't notice how Fox didn't answer whether he had feelings for Whitney.

The desk clerk at the hotel tried to warn Theresa about the path when she was gone.

Theresa didn't hear Fox say Whitney's name when she overheard him talking to God.

Theresa slipped off of the cliff when she tried to leave.


Alistair was the one that called Martin instead of Luis.

The guys at the police station weren't able to trace Martin's call.

The nurse interrupted Luis when he was trying to tell Pilar about Antonio.

The nurse was able to give Irma a sedative so she could leave the retirement home.

Fox was able to save Theresa from falling further down the cliff.

Paloma and Pilar were suddenly talking about Theresa's marriage to Julian.

Sheridan was suddenly wondering about her mother coming home.

TC didn't see Julian and Eve kissing each other.

TC was watching a show where spouses were keeping secrets from their spouses.

The first nurse had a date so Julian wouldn't know that Irma was leaving the hospital.

Julian was talking loud enough for Liz to hear him at the retirement home.

Alistair had a camera in Mexico so he was able to see Martin and Katherine.

The nurse said that the shock of finding out about Antonio would kill Pilar.


Liz was able to hide before Julian saw her in Irma's room.

Martin saw a story about Antonio's explosion on the Internet.

Julian couldn't figure out that Liz was hiding under Irma's bed.

Theresa was only fantasizing about telling Chad and Whitney the truth.

Irma rescued Liz from being caught by Julian.

The nurse at the retirement home said that the daytime nurse didn't say whether Irma had visitors.

Sheridan conveniently walked past her mother's plaque at the hospital.

Pilar wanted Luis to stay with her so he couldn't get help.

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