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Passions Best Moments

5/31 - 6/4/04


Liz walked in on Eve and TC when she was trying to tell TC about the accident.

Detective Cook was able to find Julian's number to call her.

TC found a way for Eve to lie about his accident.  He said that she was there for him all these years and that she wasn't the one driving the car.

TC suddenly realized that someone else was in the car with Julian the night of his accident.


TC didn't know who the other person was that was in Julian's car during the accident.

It's convenient how Tabitha's powers always work when she needs them to work.

Rebecca wasn't around when Eve was with Julian.


Julian knew to find Liz at the pier. She could have been anywhere.

Sheridan let Luis stop her from calling out to Antonio.

Sheridan and Luis their heads on rocks when Antonio called her.

Alistair heard Julian talking about him.

Surprise, surprise Miguel, Sam, and Ivy didn't see Faith in Charity's room.

Antonio called Sheridan's name just as she was about to kiss Luis.


Miguel was able to hear Faith yell again, but he couldn't see her.

Katherine was suddenly having bad dreams about Alistair and Sheridan.

Hank couldn't see Luis and Sheridan and he was using binoculars.

It's convenient how there was a woman named Pilar that was looking for Paloma.

Luis and Sheridan were gone from where they were at on the beach just as Antonio was about to find them.

It's convenient how Martin and Katherine knew about Luis and Antonio fighting over Sheridan.

Based on very little information, Miguel figured out how to find Charity.

Faith had the power to choke Ivy, but she couldn't tell Miguel how to find Charity.


Goodness conveniently gave Faith the power to kill.

Ivy passed out after choking on a piece of fruit.

Sheridan saw Antonio and Hank, but they didn't see her.

Sheridan heard Antonio say that he was going to kill Luis when he finds him.

The footprints that Antonio saw were washed away.

Michele and Cheryl

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