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Passions Best Moments

5/24 - 5/28/04


Luis didn't take Dr. Ackland to the cottage with him.

Katherine conveniently remembered how she used to hold her children.

Paloma didn't hear all of Katherine and Martin's conversation about the past.

Eve was researching a date rape drug.  That was convenient because that way Theresa was able to steal the drug to use on Ethan.

Alistair was able to get Dr. Ackland out of Luis's car before Luis went back to it with Sheridan.


Little Ethan suddenly had a play date.

Alistair was able to see Sheridan and Luis together in his car.

Sheridan didn't remember the electric shock therapy that Dr. Ackland gave her.

Fox didn't hear Whitney and Theresa talking about what she did to Ethan.


Charity suddenly thought of Sam and Grace as the perfect couple.

Miguel didn't hear Kay and Tabitha talking in the kitchen.

Miguel called Kay so that she and Tabitha were able to hear him coming.

Martin and Katherine didn't hear Alistair's hitman talking behind them.

Pilar conveniently had a dream about Martin.

Maria had a earache just when Charity invited Miguel to go to the Book Cafe.

A cop showed up just before the hitman could shoot Martin and Katherine.


All of a sudden Charity needed her mother.  She didn't mention needing her before.

Hank conveniently knew that Luis rented a boat.

Luis had a lot of stuff packed up considering he kidnapped Sheridan impulsively.

It was convenient how Liz was able to find the article about TC's accident.

Liz was able to find the cop who investigated TC's accident.

Detective Cook still had the files on TC's accident.

Eve suddenly flashed back to when she hit TC with Julian's car.


Detective Cook was able to find his notebook about TC's accident.  The man had a lot of stuff, but he was able to find it.

Tabitha knew that Father Lonigan told Charity that the deal she made with Death wasn't valid.

Charity didn't sense evil when she was around Faith.

The pages about TC's accident were torn out of Detective Cook's notebook.

Michele and Cheryl

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