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Passions Best Moments

5/17 - 5/21/04


Sam got a text message from Grace when he was talking to Ivy.

Julian didn't get his own blood.  He got someone else's who matched his.

Julian's blood type is so rare that only one of his children could donate blood for him.

When Pilar asked for Luis, Fox offered to go get him, but Antonio went to look instead.

TC didn't hear Liz talking about who hit his car.


Sam knew a shortcut to find Ivy when she ran away from him.

No one saw Paloma when she was holding down the receiver.

The nurse at the hospital told Fox that Julian was given the wrong blood.

Now Tabitha has her powers back.  She was saying for a long time how she didn't have all of them, but now she does.

There was a lock on the blood donors at the hospital so Julian and Eve couldn't find their son.


Gwen decided not to take the job in Boston.

Paloma couldn't hear Maria talking to her on the phone.  There must be a bad connection in her town.

Ethan conveniently had energy now.  He didn't have any energy to be with Gwen earlier that night.

Sheridan was able to feel Antonio watching her with Luis.


Miguel showed up at Pilar's hospital room while Luis was talking to Pilar.

Sheridan and Antonio were suddenly talking about her mother.

Sheridan still had a picture of Luis.


Antonio didn't hear Sheridan talking to herself about Luis.

Whitney showed up in Ethan and Gwen's room when Gwen was questioning Theresa about the baby.

Gwen called the nurse on her way to the mansion to give Theresa a blood test.

Luis's picture conveniently fell out of Sheridan's bag when she dropped it.

Michele and Cheryl

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