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Passions Best Moments

5/10 - 5/14/04


Ethan and Gwen didn't see Theresa in little Ethan's room.

Theresa knocked over something in little Ethan's room.

Ethan didn't catch Theresa in little Ethan's room again.

Ethan said that their room is connected to the back near the servants so they can hear whenever they drop something.

Ethan couldn't drive Gwen to the airport because of the champagne.

Gwen told Ethan to finish the champagne so Theresa was able to drug Ethan's drink.

Alistair was able to convince Luis to turn off the computers.

Gwen called and told him to drink his champagne.

Gwen called Ethan just as Theresa was putting on Gwen's perfume.

Alistair said he had a drug to save Pilar.

Gwen had a suspicion about Theresa scheming again.

Ethan kept coming up with excuses for why he couldn't go with Gwen to Boston.


Gwen's flight was suddenly delayed.

The cab driver said that she couldn't go any faster so it allowed Theresa time to complete her plan.

Sam was able to convince Luis not to shoot her.

When Eve told Miguel and Charity to sit with Pilar, she was able to talk to Julian.

Theresa was able to stop Ethan from answering the phone.

Gwen had another feeling that Theresa was in the Crane mansion.

Sam was distracted by Luis and Antonio's fight so that kept Ivy from telling him the truth.


Theresa and Ethan were finished making love before Gwen got to the room.

Gwen didn't see Theresa in bed with Ethan.

Theresa was able to hide behind a curtain so Gwen and Ethan didn't see her in their room.

Ethan claimed that he had the best sex ever.  Of course it was with Theresa.

The feds wanted to arrest Luis for giving Alistair back the CDs.

Rebecca saw Julian and Eve hugging at the hospital.

Gwen was able to convince Ethan that he was dreaming about making love to her.

Theresa was able to slip out of Ethan and Gwen's room without being seen.

Ethan was too tired to make love with Gwen.

Gwen didn't see Theresa with her wig.


Gwen didn't see Theresa hiding her wig.

Julian managed to get the discs from Alistair.

Little Ethan interrupted when Gwen wanted to know what Theresa was hiding behind her back.

Gwen assumed that Theresa was at the mansion to kidnap little Ethan.

Fox came up with an excuse for why Theresa was in the mansion.

Alistair was able to get his discs back.

When Fox asked Theresa why she was at the mansion, she was able to get out of answering him.

Gwen was able to smell her perfume on the pillow.

Gwen said she didn't put on perfume.

Eve said that Pilar was taking a turn for the worst.


Tabitha didn't tell Kay how she could use Pilar's illness to her advantage.

Eve said Pilar's condition was getting worse.

Paloma wasn't home when Miguel called.

There was a bad connection when Miguel called for Paloma.

Sheridan showed up in the chapel as Luis was in there.

Miguel brought Maria to Theresa so she didn't have to tell Fox what she's hiding from him.

Miguel said he heard Luis say he was going to the chapel.

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