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Passions Best Moments

5/3 -5/7/04


Theresa found out she was pregnant already.

Whitney didn't tell Luis about Theresa's hearing.

TC didn't catch Eve and Julian together.  They only reacted to a light turning on in her office.

Eve didn't want to sleep with Julian once the light came on in her office.

TC said that he lost the repair bill that Julian had.

Ethan confirmed how Theresa will not be able to keep Gwen's baby.

Luis just happened to run into Liz outside and told her about the CDs.

Luis wanted Liz's help to decode the secrets.


TC told a nurse that he would wait for Eve in her office when the nurse said she hadn't seen Eve.

Theresa knew that she miscarried the baby.

Miguel didn't hear Tabitha call Endora a demon baby.

Endora was able to change Kay's clothes.

Luis called TC and stopped him from going into Eve's office.

Luis wanted Liz to keep an eye out on the disc that was about TC.

Fox said Eve said that Theresa couldn't have sex for the first two weeks of her pregnancy.

TC didn't catch Eve and Julian together in her office. 

Eve was able to explain why TC heard a noise in her closet.


When Sheridan was getting ready, she was only thinking about Luis.  He wasn't actually in the room with her.

Theresa said she could pretend to be Gwen to get Ethan to sleep with her.

Beth was able to hear Luis tell Sam how he's going to bring down the Cranes and get back with Sheridan.

The headhunter that Theresa blackmailed before, was able to set up a fake interview for Gwen.

Chad needed Luis's help with a speaker and that left Beth alone with the computer.

Charity was able to find another dress for the dance.

Luis was able to stop Beth from deleting the files.


Pilar gave in an gave Theresa the key and pass code to get into the mansion.

Pilar still had the key to the mansion.

Liz caught Eve and Julian dancing together.

Beth was able to talk Chad out of watching the computer.

Luis managed not to see Eve and Julian dancing with each other.


Theresa didn't notice how sick Pilar looked just before she went tot he Crane Estate.

Theresa was able to sneak into Crane Estate without being seen.

Charlie liked Kay's outfit better than Charity's outfit.

TC didn't hear Julian mentioned his child with Eve.

Ethan and Gwen didn't see Theresa in little Ethan's room.

Michele and Cheryl

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