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Passions Best Moments

3/15 - 3/19/04


Once again Ethan didn't hear Gwen and Rebecca plotting behind him.

Ethan and the social worker were having trouble finding a child to adopt.

Sheridan didn't see Julian come in her room.  He showed up the second she left the room.

Theresa knocked over a book that had Ethan's picture in it.

Julian managed to hide in the closet before TC went into Sheridan's room.


Jessica walked in on Charity and Reese when they thought they were alone.

Tabitha, Kay, Miguel, David, and Grace were able to hear the screaming in the Bennett house again.

Alistair and Dr. Ackland were watching Sheridan when she made her decision to be with Antonio.

Alistair and Dr. Ackland stopped Sheridan earlier and drugged her so that she couldn't choose Luis.

Dr. Ackland claimed that he did research on Katherine.

Pilar said she would be running the B and B while Grace is away.  How did she know that Grace decided to go with David?


Sheridan thought that she was waking up with Luis.

Theresa had a stuffed animal that Ethan gave little Ethan when he was born.

Antonio had money to give Pilar.

Rebecca arranged for little Ethan's custody hearing to be that day instead of in a few weeks.

Sheridan didn't hear Edna talking to Precious about Beth.


Julian barged into Alistair's office while he was watching Sheridan.

Edna gave Beth her millionth warning about being caught while Sheridan was out of the room.

Chad was conveniently paid for the benefit.

Gwen didn't hear Rebecca tell Ethan how he can't help Woody.

Martin stopped crying just before Sheridan could give him a bottle.

Theresa's hair was completely dry considering she was in the rain.

Speaking of Theresa where did she change her clothes?

Beth thought of the dumbest lie she could think of for why she said she stole Sheridan's baby, yet Sheridan believed it.

Luis dropped a box that had a picture of Sheridan in it.


Sheridan didn't see Edna outside with Martin.

Charity was able to see Miguel from her window.

Little Ethan walked into the courtroom when Woody had to give the judge a reason why Theresa should get her son back.

Miguel saw Charity and Reese kissing each other.

Julian didn't figure out the real reason why Alistair gave Chad money.

Pilar managed not to hear what Beth and Edna were talking.

Luis and Sheridan saw each other at the Book Cafe.

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