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Passions Best Moments

2/23 - 2/27/04


Theresa managed to be in different clothes.  Who changed her?

Little Ethan conveniently wanted to see Ethan.  That made it really easy for Gwen and Rebecca to talk without Ethan being in the room.

Fox talked to medical specialists while Theresa was asleep.

Ethan was going to talk to the medical specialists too.  Yeah, right.

Theresa was able to hear Rebecca yelling in little Ethan's room.


Theresa was able to hear Rebecca yelling, but she didn't notice how little Ethan wasn't saying anything.

Antonio had to do errands which made it easy for Sheridan to leave.

Luis opened the door wearing only a towel (yummy!) when Sheridan went to his house.

Once again TC got the wrong idea about why Whitney was mad at Eve.

Eve had to go to the hospital just when Whitney was about to tell TC the truth.


How convenient was it that the mayor told Sam to suspend Luis?

Sam doesn't know how long Luis's suspension will last.

Rebecca made Julian talk to the mayor to get Luis suspended from the police force.

Rebecca was able to convince Carlos to fire Pilar and Miguel.


Whitney used to lip synch into her hairbrush when she was a child.

Luis knew someone who had a security company.

Rebecca got someone to pretend to be little Ethan.

Liz had a sign that had Whitney's name and face on it.  What would Liz have done if Whitney didn't want to sing?

Pilar left her door unlocked and Rebecca was able to open it to eavesdrop on Ethan and the Lopez-Fitzgeralds.


Eve had a patient that was on drugs just as she was thinking about Whitney.

Julian knew to go to the hospital just as Eve was about to get stuck with a needle.

Liz was able to convince Eve to come to the Blue Note.

Alistair was able to hear Dr. Ackland talking to Sheridan and he was standing outside.

Antonio had to go out to get Chinese food.

Michele and Cheryl

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