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Passions Best Moments

1/26 - 1/30/04


Liz walked into the living room while Eve was on the phone with Julian.

Eve didn't hear Liz pick up the phone while she was talking to Julian.

The kiss between Fox and Whitney only ended up being a fantasy.  What a surprise!

Simone came up with a crazy idea to explain why Charity acted the way she did.  She thought that Charity could be a zombie again.

Hank saw Eve's car going towards the Crane mansion.  Since he didn't stay and watch her drive off, she could have been going anywhere.


An orderly walked up on Luis when he was trying to see Sheridan.

It was so convenient that Liz and TC found Eve's car outside of the Crane estate when he was ready to leave.

Eve's car door was open and Liz was able to find Eve's medical bag in the car.

Dr. Ackland suddenly realized that he could use electro shock therapy to make Sheridan forget about Luis.

Eve managed to hide before TC and Liz saw her in the mansion.

Chad showed up just as Fox was explaining to Theresa about Whitney.

Luis was able to take the keys that Gary (the orderly) had in his pocket without him noticing.

Liz was able to see Eve hiding at the mansion.

Eve's car door was open and Liz was able to find Eve's medical bag in the car.


TC managed not to hear Liz talking to Eve.  They weren't that far from him, but he didn't know she was there.

Alistair and Dr. Ackland managed to leave the basement before Luis and Hank showed up.

Whitney saw Eve hiding while TC was looking for her.

Whitney came up with a lie for why Eve's car was at the mansion.


TC decided to cook a meal for Eve at home instead of going out.

TC wanted to talk to Liz while Eve was talking on the phone with Julian.

Antonio decided to check on Sheridan all of a sudden.

TC managed not to hear Liz and Eve talking in the living room

Ethan just happened to be on his way to Sheridan's cottage and saw Theresa and Fox kissing.


Sheridan didn't call out for help when Luis was near her.  She did it when he had to leave.

Fox walked in on Julian and Whitney when he was about to tell Whitney what she thought she saw.

TC wasn't finished cooking so Liz could keep reminding Eve about getting caught.

It was convenient that when TC checked the Caller ID when Julian called, it said the number was a private number.

Michele and Cheryl

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