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Passions Best Moments

1/5 - 1/9/04


The guard at the prison was friends with Luis so Theresa was able to see Pilar and Woody longer.

Eve was at the Crane mansion and saw Julian and Rebecca together.

Judge Reilly refused to set bail for Theresa.

Judge Reilly wanted a bribe in order to set Theresa's bail.

Theresa couldn't seek custody of little Ethan in order to make bail.

Rebecca saw Julian and Eve kissing.

Whitney saw Julian and Eve kissing.


Eve remembered that she loved her husband after Whitney caught her.

No one heard Sheridan screaming outside when Dr. Ackland and company were trying to take her to the mental ward.

Eve saw Liz and TC together.

Dr. Ackland and his guards found another way in Sheridan's cottage.

TC didn't hear Eve telling Liz about her past.

Pilar ran into Antonio at the pier

Fox came back into the room when Julian wanted to know what he did wrong to Whitney.


TC didn't hear Fox or Whitney say that Eve kissed Julian.

Ethan showed up just as Theresa needed an attorney.

Dr. Ackland gave Sheridan a sedative that would allow her to still breast feed Martin.

Alistair knew that Luis was at the hospital.

Alistair was able to talk Antonio into letting Sheridan stay in the psych ward.

Fox was the one that bailed Theresa out of jail.

Antonio didn't hear Alistair say that it was best for him that Sheridan is locked up.

Theresa said that Beth needed help at the Book Cafe.


Miguel claimed that he was leaving Charity messages, but she wasn't returning his calls.  

No one in the hospital stopped Luis and Antonio from fighting sooner.

Tabitha told Kay that Maria would die if Charity and Miguel got back together.

Charity didn't hear Kay and Tabitha talking about her deal with death.

Charity had to help Jessica with her poli/sci assignment so she had to stay at Tabitha's house.

Miguel showed up at Tabitha's house just when Charity left.

Alistair told Dr. Ackland that Antonio could see Sheridan.

Luis said that Sheridan expressed milk earlier.

Whitney didn't tell TC or Eve how she saw Eve kissing Julian.


Charity saw Miguel on the dock.

When Ethan turned on the TV, there was a report about Theresa being released on the news.

Theresa had a customer whose son reminded her of Ethan.

Kay convinced Ivy to talk to Charity to help her get Miguel.

Ivy treated Charity to the ski trip so she could go.

Dr. Ackland didn't notice how Edna said Martin is Sheridan's baby.

Miguel didn't see Charity outside of the Book Cafe.

Ethan and Gwen walked in the Book Cafe just as Theresa was on the phone with Child Protective Services.

Michele and Cheryl

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