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Passions Best Moments

6/16 - 6/20/03


No one saw how panicked Beth was when Luis said that a kidnapper could have made it look as if she left on her own.

When Luis was talking to Hank about Sheridan, Antonio didn't hear him.  He was practically yelling at Hank.

Charlie just happened to have a voice distorter so she can disguise her voice from Sheridan.

Antonio didn't catch on to what Luis meant when he said Sheridan was his love.

Whitney said that the Russells went on vacation every year.  

Hank came up with a silly reason for why Luis called Sheridan "my Sheridan".

Sheridan didn't scream Miguel's name the way she was screaming before.

Miguel had to start looking in Mrs. Wallace's basement for Sheridan.


Sheridan didn't scream louder so Miguel and Charity could hear her.

No one noticed Beth going into Sheridan's room.

Hank didn't see Beth talking to herself.  He looked like he was looking right at her.

Mrs. Wallace managed to keep Charity and Miguel from searching the basement.

Beth said that Sheridan is a licensed pilot.  When did that happen?

Miguel and Charity came downstairs just as Charlie left the room.

Whitney saw a book about family.

Mrs. Wallace was able to come up with another excuse to keep Miguel and Charity from searching the basement.  

Mrs. Wallace was able to stop Miguel from calling Luis.


Miguel and Charity didn't notice Mrs. Wallace looking at Charlie when she was about to tell them about the screams they heard.

Charity didn't sense Charlie behind them.

Mrs. Wallace was able to convince Miguel and Charity that Precious was the one that was screaming.  Before when Mrs. Wallace said that Precious was the one they heard screaming, Charity said that it wasn't an animal's scream.  It was a human scream.  When Mrs. Wallace used that excuse again, they believed it.

Ivy had to stop her physical therapy when Theresa kicked her out of the mansion.

Mrs. Wallace and Beth were able to stop Luis from searching the basement.

Grace got home just in time to see Ivy hugging Sam.


Charlie turned on the radio so Luis wouldn't check the basement.

Charlie was able to hear Luis, but he didn't hear her in the kitchen.

Sam and Grace left David and Ivy alone in Ivy's room.

Charity and Miguel didn't notice how Tabitha is pregnant.


Ethan checked on Gwen just as Rebecca finished warning Gwen about Theresa.

Chad/Whitney/Theresa didn't know who the woman was that Fox is in love with.  

Luis had a picture of Sheridan on his desk and Antonio didn't see it.

Luis left Sheridan's picture faced the front.

Theresa found out that Ethan was at the hospital, but she didn't find out why.

Chad wondered if there was a couple finding their way back to each other.  After that, Julian and Eve were shown.

Liz wanted TC to use his power and influence to get people in the Blue Note.

Liz didn't have enough money to rent an apartment.

Rebecca knew that Theresa and Ethan were hugging on the other side of the curtain at the hospital.


Michele and Cheryl


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