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Passions Best Moments

6/9 - 6/13/03


Antonio didn't notice the way Luis was reacting to Sheridan being missing.

No one heard Beth talking about Charlie and Sheridan.

Whitney had to say a few things before she made her decision about Chad.

No one saw Fox talking to Liz.


Luis didn't see Charlie in the woods.  They also didn't hear her talking.  She wasn't whispering so Luis and Hank should have heard her.

Beth was able to come up with a reason why Sheridan's suitcase was missing.

Beth was the only one that saw Charlie's earring.

Ivy was able to stop Sam from talking to Grace.

Grace got outside just as Sam drove off.


Gwen suddenly got a cramp when she was threatening Beth.

TC didn't see Liz smiling while he was arguing with Eve.  

Sheridan landed on her back when she fell in the pit.


Antonio knew that Charlie's earring wasn't Sheridan's.

Antonio possibly covered up the prints on Charlie's earring.

Beth was only dreaming about getting busted.

Beth was able to get the earring without Antonio seeing her.


Fox was able to see Whitney and Chad kissing.

Gwen suddenly had a pain again when they were questioning Beth.

Beth was able to convince everyone that Sheridan left on her own.  

Everyone conveniently remembered that Sheridan was talking about leaving.

No one noticed the look on Beth's face when they were looking for clues in Sheridan's room.

Sheridan didn't see Charlie and Edna looking at her in the pit.

There was a picture of TC and Whitney at Chad's studio.

Miguel and Charity walked past Beth's house just as Sheridan was screaming.


Michele and Cheryl


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