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Passions Best Moments

12/22 - 12/26/03


Dr. Ackland said that Sheridan had to stay in the asylum permanently.

Charity was outside of Tabitha's house when Tabitha didn't want her there.

Little Ethan interrupted Fox and Whitney from kissing.

Fox had a computer sent to Theresa so she can see little Ethan.

Norma saved Sheridan from being "initiated".

The Santa and elves left the living room when Nurse Kravitz, Charity, and Miguel went in Tabitha's house.

Sheridan didn't hear Norma say that Tabitha's evil.

Nurse Kravitz didn't figure out that Tabitha's a witch when she said she was on to her.

Luis didn't hear Edna say that Beth killed Sheridan's baby.


Tabitha's relatives were out of the kitchen when everyone went in there.

Julian was the one that walked in on Fox and little Ethan.

Eve was able to convince Dr. Ackland not to give Sheridan the sedative.

Martin started breathing just as Edna was going to tell Luis how Martin's death could have been prevented.

Beth stopped Edna from telling Luis the truth.

Sheridan wasn't looking out the door when Alistair was talking to Dr. Ackland.

Charity sensed evil in the kitchen when Tabitha's relatives reappeared.

Simone was on the phone when Nurse Kravitz left Tabitha's house.


Grace and David were at the Book Cafe when Sam and Ivy were there.

Alistair gave Dr. Ackland a concoction to keep Sheridan from causing problems.

Dr. Ackland stopped Norma from talking to Sheridan.

Rebecca didn't hear Fox say he was going to reunite little Ethan and Theresa.

Ethan walked in on Whitney and Fox when they were taking little Ethan to see Theresa.

Luis was able to stop Dr. Ackland from giving Sheridan the medication.

Edna came in the church with the baby so Sheridan could see him.

Ivy said she was spending time with the physical therapist.

Ivy was suddenly able to walk.


Grace and David saw Sam and Ivy kissing.

Endora was asleep so she couldn't help Tabitha get rid of Norma.

Tabitha used up her powers fixing the mess Endora caused.

Noah wasn't coming home because of Grace choosing David.

Sam saw Grace and David kissing outside.

Father Lonigan knew that he was talking to Precious.

Julian went outside the church where Eve was.

Eve was suddenly thinking about son with Julian.

Little Ethan dropped his bear outside of the church.

Norma managed to put an ax in Tabitha's pillow instead of her.


Rebecca didn't have a picture of Alistair on the chess piece.

Sheridan had to sleep in Beth's bed with Martin.

Eve said that Sheridan would get worse if they let her keep the baby too long.

The waitress at the Book Cafe said Ethan's name while Woody was on the phone with Theresa.

Miguel and Charity didn't notice Ethan talking to Woody.

Woody didn't want to reveal his plan to Theresa to get little Ethan back to her.


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