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Passions Best Moments

9/15 - 9/19/03


Whitney didn't notice that Fox was talking about being in love with her.

Hank interrupted Luis when he was going to tell him the truth about why he had Sheridan's ring.

When Hank told Antonio that Sheridan sent the ring to the police station, it convinced Antonio that Sheridan didn't want to be found.

Gwen saw Julian and Rebecca on television instead of Ethan and Theresa.  She reacted for nothing.

Gwen didn't see Ethan and Theresa on television.

Liz kissed TC while Eve was watching.


Luis didn't hear Edna talking about Beth.

Beth was able to get out of how she knew the sex of Sheridan's baby.

Antonio, Luis, and Hank left just as Charlie come in the living room.

When Luis barged back in Beth's house, he didn't see Charlie hide.

TC didn't see Eve outside of the workout room.

Theresa was at the door when Ethan said he had to get over her.

Luis didn't notice how Beth was trying to get rid of him.


Antonio didn't notice how Luis was too concerned with finding Sheridan.

Beth had a plan for what she was going to do to Charlie all along.

Liz threatened to tell Eve's past if she told TC that she saw them kissing.

Eve was at the pier while Julian was there.

Sheridan didn't know the sex of her baby.


Gwen didn't see Ethan and Theresa kissing outside.

Antonio didn't hear Edna yelling in the house.

Hank couldn't remember Charlie's name.

Sheridan was unconscious when Charlie said Beth's name.

Beth's door was locked so Antonio couldn't get in her house.

Charlie was able to get the gun away from Sheridan.

Sheridan said she moved at the last minute which was why Charlie missed her.

Gwen had to go to the bathroom so Theresa could get out of the closet.

Edna told Antonio that the monsters kidnapped Sheridan instead of telling him that Beth and Charlie did it.


Whitney didn't hear Fox say that he has to take her away from Chad.

Luis didn't remember where he saw Charlie.

Antonio didn't hear Edna tell Beth that she was going to go away for a long time.

Gwen saw a stuffed animal in the closet instead of Theresa.

Edna didn't tell Antonio where Sheridan is.

Antonio didn't notice how worried Beth looked at the idea of Luis bringing a sketch of the kidnapper to her house.

Beth was able to come up with an excuse for hwy she had a baby.


Michele and Cheryl


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