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Passions Best Moments

9/8 - 9/12/03


Luis didn't hear Edna say Sheridan is going to die.

Beth was able to explain what Edna said about Sheridan.

Eve told Beth to have Edna institutionalized.

Eve told Beth how to deliver a breech baby.

Sam couldn't go to Beth's shower because he had to work.

Tabitha said she speaks fluent orangutan.  We can't believe we put that.

Tabitha's manual said that she would get her powers back after she gave birth.

Sheridan was knocked out when Tabitha was in the basement.

Sheridan was knocked out while Tabitha was talking to her.


Liz was able to hear Grace and TC talking about Eve while she was outside.

Dr. Culver was in major surgery so he couldn't go to Beth's house.

Grace told Beth that she was going to have a boy.

Antonio went to Paris to look for Sheridan.

No one noticed how panicked Beth looked when Antonio said that Sheridan could be in Beth's house.

Sheridan didn't hear Beth talking to Charlie.

Precious was able to break into Eve's car.

Sheridan woke up when Beth was out of the basement.

Eve got beeped when she was talking to TC.

Sheridan didn't hear Edna say Precious's name.

There was an article in the paper about Whitney.

TC didn't notice the smug look on Liz's face when Eve was looking at the article.


Eve told Antonio that some women deliver babies quickly.

Chad said that their would be a dance contest at the club.  This gave Theresa and Fox another chance to make Ethan jealous.

Everyone heard the baby crying, but they didn't hear Sheridan screaming.

Luis took so long to get to the kitchen that Beth was able to lock the door.

No one heard Beth and Edna talking in the kitchen.

The baby stopped crying when everyone was in the kitchen.

Sheridan fainted when Edna stopped Charlie from killing her.

Tabitha convinced Luis to check next door for the sound of the baby.


Everyone on the dance floor stopped dancing so Fox and Theresa were the only ones dancing.

Precious was the one that was making the sounds of a baby crying.  Of course everyone believed it.

Luis said he thought that Sheridan's kidnappers might have worn a clown mask.

Precious was wearing Charlie's clown mask when Luis said he was looking for anyone with a clown mask.

No one saw Edna take her leap on Precious.

Sheridan didn't hear Tabitha talking outside.  The window was still open.

Sheridan didn't hear Beth and Charlie talking.  The door was wide open so she should have heard them.

Fox and Theresa liked each other when he came to Harmony.

Luis, Hank and Antonio didn't see Edna show Beth the clown mask.

Hank spoke to a friend that knew that TC was at the Youth Center.

Beth was able to come up with an excuse for how she knew she's having a boy.

Bree and her cameraman were able to film Ethan and Theresa kissing.


Whitney saw Ethan and Theresa kissing so she didn't have to answer Fox's question.

Ethan and Theresa were on TV kissing and the nurses at the hospital saw it.

Sheridan didn't know the sex of her baby.

Gwen suddenly wanted to watch the news.


Michele and Cheryl


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