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Passions Best Moments

7/28 - 8/1/03


Rebecca couldn't get a dial tone when she used Tabitha's phone.

Luis didn't see the pit in Beth's basement.

Luis bought Beth's excuse for why he heard Sheridan's voice.

Theresa forgot her bag just as Ethan and Gwen left the plane.

Chad and Whitney didn't hear Fox say "not to get matching luggage".  He practically yelled that.

Hank brought the dvd to Luis.

Julian let Ethan and Gwen stay at the Crane apartment.


When Miguel was waiting for the elevator, it took too long to come.

Antonio happened to show up when Luis and Hank were looking at the dvd.

Theresa said that Ethan would walk through the door (at the apartment) then he suddenly did it.

Charity left her pocketbook so she couldn't go with Miguel to see the baby.

When Edna thought that Beth was going to get caught, Luis reacted to Sheridan being in Paris.

Luis didn't hear Edna say that Sheridan was in the pit.

Gwen passed out just as Ethan tried to open the door.


The bulk of the scenes that the demon showed Julian and Rebecca had to do with Theresa.

Theresa didn't see Ethan outside.

Kay suddenly had pains when she was yelling at everyone about Charity.

Charlie was able to edit the dvd.

Eve told Miguel that he had to do whatever it takes to keep Kay calm.

When Theresa/Whitney/Chad/Fox left the apartment, they had to go out through the back door.

Gwen woke up when Theresa and company left the apartment.

Tabitha baby looked like a human.

Charity came back to get her pocketbook just as Miguel told Kay that he wanted to be with her and the baby.

Luis suddenly wanted to look out for Beth and the baby.


Whitney stopped Theresa from going outside and finding out what was going on.

Theresa felt that she had to go outside and see what was going on.

Luis didn't notice how Beth was trying to get rid of him.

Charity suddenly felt as if someone was trying to hurt her when the demon was behind her.

Theresa and company went outside when Ethan was gone.

Admissions (at the hospital) needed the father (Miguel)  to sign the insurance papers.

The nurses were talking about Tabitha's baby while Kay was listening.

Precious came out wearing the clown mask when Luis was gone.

Ethan's bag didn't have tags on it.

Edna called Luis when he was about to run into Beth.


Beth said she warned Sheridan not to annoy her while she was working.

Sheridan wasn't talking loud enough for Luis to hear her.

Kay had to make a deal with the good side to save her baby.

Luis couldn't hear Beth and Edna upstairs talking.

Luis chose not to talk to himself while he was in the basement.  He chose to think about Sheridan instead.

Julian didn't see the tail hit Rebecca.


Michele and Cheryl


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