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12/3/07 Ė 12/7/07 

(to Noah)
Paloma:  Why I bothered to slap you, I donít know.  I should have used my gun.

Noah:  I love you.
Paloma:  Of course you do.  Thatís why I found you in bed with Fancy.

(when Luis wanted to know how she knew about Spike)
Pretty:  Let me think!
Luis:  Why, so you can come up with a good excuse?

Kay:  Is Gwenís baby Jonathan the one whoís going to die?
Tabitha:  Ask me no questions and Iíll tell you no lies.

Tabitha:  Why you mortals wear black when youíre in mourning.  Black is such a cheery color.

(about Alistair)
Luis:  He wonít give us water, but heíll give us enough booze to get 10 people loaded.

(about Luis)
Fancy:  What if heís dead?
Esme:  Oh bite your tongue.  Besides, I havenít been anywhere near him yet.

(when Tabitha said the words Dťjŗ vu to Norma)
Norma:  Deja who?
Edna:  Thatís French Normie like how we kiss.

(to Tabitha)
Edna:  Unlike me, you actually love your daughter.





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